UFC 187 any comments?


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Johnny Bones Jones lost his title via stupidity not sure it was totally his or his managers. When you have the best of anything you gotta protect it? BUT
I feel sorry for Chris Wiedman who has beaten the GOAT twice another one (Lyota Machida) once as a way of going, and is going to hammer another so called one to night and has to be a co main event. Where is the justice


Any comments?

I have no idea what you are talking about. :scratch:

dave r

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:unsure: Nor have I-but any minute now,someones going to post "get with it daddio"and then at least we two may be a bit wiser:smile:
no we three will be wiser, I hate riddles
I googled it and it's a mixed martial arts fight and one of the protagonists got stripped of his title for running a red light whilst smoking something he shouldn't and hitting a pregnant woman in a car and breaking a bone of hers which took it from a misdemeanour to a felony which meant longer in jail so he jumped bail and....that's as far as I got so far...
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