Ukele starts today


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I have never learned to read music or play a musical instrument, but I did learn to juggle and can now juggle anything. MiniUser76 is very good at music, but can't juggle, so we have taken on a bet.

I have to learn a simple song on this bad boy, before he can juggle 20 repeats of a simple three ball sequence without moving his feet.

Who do you think has the most chance of winning, and any tips on how to play the Ukele?[/QUOTE]
Hand the money over now.


My 11 year taught herself some simple songs on a Ukele off youtube in an evening, it seems like it's very easy to play.

My money is on you, assuming you can search you tube.

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Oh yes, one song you can learn in a night and practice for a week or two to perfect. Dexterity and hurt fingertips might be the only problems, but it will be aight in the end! I can't juggle...juggling's much harder...IMO :sad:


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[QUOTE 3587848, member: 76"]Oh heavens, I have just gone downstairs and said I was getting help from you chaps on here, and someone had suggested 'Ukehunt'......yeah yeah, I didn't realise :shy: Useful site though, it's in the bag![/QUOTE]
the Uke Community has a devilish sense of humour!


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[QUOTE 3587844, member: 76"]Thanks for the reassurance, I will knuckle down to it. However I was removed from the Air Cadets Band in 1981 after messing up the cymbals :sad:[/QUOTE]
Timing comes with practice. :smile:


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It's easy, just make sure you're consistent with practise, even if it's only fifteen minutes per day.

I've got a banjo ukulele that I taught myself. I was lucky though as my girl learnt the uke at school and still had her books.

After a few weeks she stuck her head round the door and said, "have you just been playing Waltzing Mathilda and King of The Swingers?" so I must've been doing something right. :smile:

I've not played for about six months though, so now I'd struggle to put a run of chords together.


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Go and have a look here. Justin is fab and he'll get you through the basics in an evening. He's a good place to start anyway. Then have a wee peep on here for tab. Type in a song you fancy i.e. It must be love - Labi Siffre. Scroll to Ukulele chords and Bob's your uncle. Nice easy one is the Labi Siffre.
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