Untrained salon staff are carrying out teeth whitening on clients, according to a report by consumer


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There's not many threads where the title is longer than the content. Hopefully this reply will redress the balance.


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"Vanity, all is vanity."

Also - we're British, we're globally famous for having 'bad teeth' (by that I mean normal looking teeth). Why people would pay £200 just to have slightly whiter teeth is a mystery to me. That £200 could go towards something important, like a new bike, or at least bits of a new bike.


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I want to have my teeth whitened as soon as I have bought a new bianchi (note I have my priorities right!). They arnt so bad, I dont smoke or drink black coffeee etc...but I can see the attraction in having whiter teeth, i think it's better looking and would make me feel more confident. Whatever flots your boat I suppose...besides I 'll need my teeth to match my ride:biggrin:


But surely with a new Bianchi you should have black teeth; all those espressos and Italian fags (or whatever their equivalent to Gauloises is).

You didn't get the Bianchi from JD Cycles did you? I saw a couple of nice large framed sale ones there at the weekend.


I don't see what theproblem with getting untrained people to do it - surely it's just a bit of paint and as long as they dont' get too much on your gumit's ok...
Ha ha - this thread is so funny...I 'work' for a teeth whitening company. (Dentist based - of course!) :biggrin:


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Aperitif said:
Ha ha - this thread is so funny...I 'work' for a teeth whitening company. (Dentist based - of course!) :biggrin:
Aperitif...a pair of teef ... is that deliberate? :biggrin: Very good, if so!
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