Upgrades for a Triban3


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Recently got the Tiban3 and am enjoying riding it. After reading some of the comments on here, it seems that the tyres and wheels are one of the places that they economized. When it becomes necessary for me to replace the tyres and perhaps wheels, what would people recommend. Remembering that this bike only cost £299 new. l have looked at some wheels, and two new ones can cost as much as the bike.

Safe and happy cycling phill.


I have changed the mini pedals to full flats and the saddle. More important than shaving a few grams off a £299 bike imo.
Tyres will be GP 4 seasons as soon as the stock ones give me any trouble.

Edit: i have just read those posts aswell. These will have to be worse than my bso wheels to make me spend money on an upgrade. Watching with interest


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When the back wheel died I replaced mine with Mavic Aksiums - Very pleased with them so far. Changed the tyres to Schwalbe Blizzards at the same time and it was more comfortable, can't say if that was more to do with the wheels or the tyres though :smile:

I swapped the pedals for Shimano M520's - It's probably one of the cheapest but best upgrades you can make.

I'm just replacing bits as they break until I've saved up for a new bike :smile: Good way to learn a bit of fettling too!

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The first thing I did was switch out the pedals with the toe clips for Shimano R540s. Just upgraded the tyres to Vittoria Zaffiro Road Pro 700x23c tyres. The wheels are pretty heavy, weighing in at 3kg/1.5kg each, I imagine that upgrading your wheelset would be a worthwhile upgrade and it would shed quite a bit of weight.
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