Upgrading brakes on a Giant tcr road bike


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I have just bought a 2008/9 Giant tcr c3 road bike - yesterday actually. It originally came with Shimano 105 brakes, I think, but now has Concept Cex calipers fitted, front and rear (from a Focus bike I assume).

I am new to bikes and I am finding lots of travel on the brake lever. I guess the first thing to check would be new brake blocks - any suggestions for decent brands? But I was also thinking of changing the calipers back to original - either Shimano 105 5800, or the Shimano Ultegra BR 6800. Presumably either of these would be compatible. I will be using this as a general road bike, no huge hills, not going at great speed.

Any thoughts?


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If there is lots of travel on the brake lever this usually just requires more tension in the brake cable, the brakes may be fine. A close up photo of the brakes would help.


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Most of the Shimano brakes are pretty much the same, the finish is just better on the higher end groupsets. Price wise the 105 are the best 'bang for buck' compromise. IMHO


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@roadrash is quite right and looking more carefully the blocks are sitting too far from the rims. Flick the lever down and braking will restored.
Unless you know the history it will be worthwhile changing the cables too.
@Cycleops could you please let mrs roadrash know I was right about something as she thinks it impossible :okay:


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Went in the shed and flipped the lever as roadrash suggested and yep, the blocks now sit closer to the rim and the travel is less. No time to take the bike out today but hopefully that's solved the problem. Bikes have come on a bit since my last bike purchase (a Raleigh Pursuit 30 years ago), haven't they?

Thanks again, guys.
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