Us and them at work.


It's starting to develop a bit like this. Not serious but I can see it happening.

Other than looking after one of a few small departments I'm not in much of a position to do much, but would like to help. Circumstances mean it's always likely to happen and I would like your tips on how to go about helping sort it please.

Edit: don;t think they'd go for putting up for a "corporate bonding" day thingy.


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hmm not an easy one. We had that a while back with the branch manager employing 3 family members and it built up a real tension here.Could you suggest a paintballing day and then rather than bonding just shoot the ones who are getting on your nerves


ChrisKH said:
Are we talking management /workers or clique sets of individuals who are peers at work?

Not so much management vs workers. Its partly due to different depts with different roles that are on different sites. Not far apart but a short walk. I think its also partly due to people in general, not just in this case, seeming to like division.


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When we had issues with Sales (we're techies) we had games of CounterStrike at lunchtime. This worked a treat, as we'd named all the bots with names of the sales director, sales manager etc.

Right up to the point where the sales teams found out what we were doing (and Counterstrike was banned).

"They" just don't understand do they!



Mark_Robson said:
Take them out, buy them a curry and get them drunk. They will either bond or kill each other. :becool:
This was the one that I have used in the past. There were massive staff turnover issues in the team when I joined, I started to take them out to the local pub for lunch, then monthly dinners, then we'd go to various clubs etc. The "expenses" part would cost about £10 each per month (company paid for dinner, we each paid for drinks in the clubs).

When someone in head office questioned it, I pointed out that we had previously been paying £3k a month in recruitment fees alone (before factoring in time wasted, training etc), so the £2.5k per year was quite a bargain.

Not one person resigned in the 2.5 years I was there.

Lots of niggles and issues can get resolved over a steak and chips and a few glasses of sambucca.

If that doesn't work, then shoot them.
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