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Worst when it's still warm


Viz Top Tip: Do you have a cat that you don't like? Simply change it for a dog that you will like.


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My cat is a reasonably good hunter, but unable to kill anything it turns out. She'll bring a mouse in to the house, open her mouth to let out a "meow" to basically say "look what I've brought you" and at the same time she lets go of the mouse, which it turns out was just playing dead and then proceeds to bolt for the back door with the cat in hot pursuit.


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We get lots of dead rabbits in the summer, mice all year, but this time of year is prime rat catching. he usually leaves them near his food bowl, apart for some of the rabbits which are too big to get through the cat flap. He mainly eats them,with rabbits and mice he tens to leave the head and spleen. He doesn't seem to have a taste for rats, they're usually completely intact.
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