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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by chrisb1357, 26 Feb 2019.

  1. chrisb1357

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Hi all,

    I have the following bikes below which is relating to my question further down regarding using my CX on the road and tyre choice based on the CX wheels and tyres i already have from another bike while i strip down the road bike and get it sprayed and rebuilt over next few months.

    Giant Defy 4 (Road Use) (11-32 Compact 8 Speed Claris) (700x25c Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Tyres on Custom Set of 36 Spoke Sputnik Rims which i think are 19mm internal width as they state 622x19 on the wheel)

    Forme CX Calver (CX / Multi Use) (11-32 Compact 9 Speed Sora) (700x32c Kendra CX Tyres on One23 SF1.0 wheels which also state 622x19 on the wheel)

    I have started to strip down the Giant Defy 4 road bike which has not been done for a while and i am taking my time doing this so the road bike will be out of use for a bit as i strip down the Defy and rebuild as well as servicing the wheels with a help of the guy that built them for me.

    I want to carry on road cycyling for a bit while i do a few bits on the Defy and get it re sprayed and was thiking of using the Forme CX on the road but i dont fancy riding on the 700x32c CX tyres as they dont roll well. Could i just fit the 700x25c Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Tyres from the Defy to my Forme wheels as both wheels state 622x19 on them so should the CX wheels be ok with the Vittoria tyres or not.

    I know that sites reccommend a minimuim of 28c on 19mm width wheels but i have been running 25c on my custom wheelset for a few years without any issues.

    Another option is i have been offerd a pair of 32c Conti 4 Seasons from a friend that have only had around 300 mile use but with these being 32c v the 25c will i see any difference in rolling. I know this is heavly debated all over the internet but just looking for options to keep me cycyling for now.

    Many Thanks
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  2. mcshroom

    mcshroom Bionic Subsonic

    Egremont, Cumbria
    Yes the 25s should fit ok. Those Conti's are good tyres and 32mm road tyres aren't draggy.

    I have some Bontrager R3s in 32mm and they feel comfy and quick. With the current state of the roads I think it's worth going a bit wider. I have 28s on one bike and 32s on another.
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  3. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Try both sets of tyres out and see which you prefer :okay:
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  4. Afnug

    Afnug I'll Sithee

    I have sold my road bikes and I now only own 2 cx bikes (one with guards one without) and 2 mountain bikes, (I rigid one lefty,) I run 32's on both CX bikes on the road with a top pressure of 60psi most times lower, the drop in performance from 25's at 75/80psi is minimal but the rise in comfort is exceptional on today's third world roads.
    If all the roads were snooker table smooth narrower would probable have an advantage.
    I do run them tubeless.
    Vittoria CX XN pro on one bike, Specialized Roubaix on the other, these are slicks.
  5. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    25s will fit on those wheels, I run some Roval (Specialized) Classique Pave on one of my bikes which are technically CX wheels (I'm a bit hefty for 'weight weenie' wheels) and there is supposed to be an advantage on running 25s on a 19mm internal width rim, it changes the profile somewhat.

    Or that's what the bloke in the shop said.
  6. Yellow Saddle

    Yellow Saddle Veteran

    Loch side.
    All things being equal, the wider tyre has less rolling resistance than it's narrower equivalent.
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  7. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Thanks for the feedback so far. So should be good to use my 25mm for now on the CX rims to keep me going and am also going to get them 4 Seasons 32c's from a mate so thats another option for me to try.

    I am on the heavyside of 18 stone but been cycyling on my defy for years with them custom built sputnik rims and they have been spot on
  8. OP

    chrisb1357 Über Member

    Forgot to add that the CX bike has Mini V Breaks not Canti's or Disc so they should be ok
  9. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    Why not just swap the wheels from road bike to CX bikes? You know those 25c tyres have been okay on the wheels you run on the road bike.
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  10. Webby97

    Webby97 New Member

    Wollongong, AUS
    I'm currently looking at moving my current 35C down to either 32C or 28C (both will fit rims) but not sure which way. Most of my riding is commuting to work along road & bike paths. Do you notice any real benefit in one over the other?
  11. mcshroom

    mcshroom Bionic Subsonic

    Egremont, Cumbria
    I think the 32s are a little comfier, but that might just be in my head. Both the R3s (32mm) and the Grand Sports (28mm) are pretty quick tyres and I've not noticed much difference in speed.

    I'd suggest picking the tyre you prefer the look of, in either width. I don't think that there's so much of a difference that you would regret choosing one over the other really :smile:
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  12. Webby97

    Webby97 New Member

    Wollongong, AUS
    Thanks mcshroom. I asked myself where most of my riding really is and it's 90% commuting to work along shite cycle paths and bitumen. I've decided for a bit of extra comfort in the 32's
  13. Proto

    Proto Guru

    5D1CB529-7105-4E14-9BF9-0CA52BE724BB.jpeg Done pretty well the same thing. Turned my CX bike into my everyday do anything bike, and I’m so pleased with it it’s become my current favourite bike. Love it. Deffo a fan of wider tyres, currently using 28mm.

    Specialized Crux, alum jobbie, running 1x11 SRAM (40 - 11/36), hydraulic discs, deep section Hunt carbon wheels shod with 28mm GP4000s tyres. Not the lightest thing in the world, about 8.5kg, but fast enough, comfy and very easy to live with. Possibly a little undergeared, thinking of going to 42t chainring, but tbh it’s fine as it is, I’m just a bit of a tinkerer. For example, I’ve put a 140mm disc on the back since photo, for no good reason I can think of!
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