Valentines Day


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^^^^ I May switch to this ^^^

Burying my Dad tomorrow, so Valentine's Day is kind of ruined for me now* :cry:

* Sorry for putting a dampener in it :blush:


It wasn't a Hoover and it was pre-Dyson days. I can't actually remember what it was, but it would not have been El-cheapo brand OR stupidly expensive.
I'm a Pneumatic fan myself.

The kids pulled "Henry" up and down the stairs by his nose for many a year, before he gave out .

I think he was about 17 by the time he was fully retired :okay:
This will be our 1st Valentines Day together as we only met last July and got married last December, so I'm making a few days of it, I took in a bouquet of roses into the wife's works yesterday, I'll be cooking tonight, a card in the morning and I have some diamond and sapphire earrings that I'll present to my wife over dinner out tomorrow evening, then get the train into London on Saturday.

Mrs M

We will give each other our original cards we first exchanged in 1989, (still in one piece) :smile:
They live in the wardrobe and magically appear on Valentine’s Day :smooch:
We will get a take away and bottle of fizz too :hungry:


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Oh the irony, I work in perhaps one of the biggest flower and fruit packhouses in the country....and i just went to the shops and brought a bunch.
Friday, they'll virtually give away what's left in the factory to staff.


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Meanwood ,Leeds
So i came down from my shower to find a box of chocolates on the bed with a card.Not just any chocolates but Belgian chocolates.I opened the envelope.It has a picture of a Lion on it,with the following words.To my husband on Valentine's day.You have got it all brilliant smile brilliant body (oh Matron steady on ) brilliant personality.Come on this is doing me a power of good.I then open the card.A BRILLIANT WIFE.

What more does one chap need .
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