Value of a Cannondale


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Hey everyone,

I am new to the forums so forgive my innocence if I have asked the wrong question in the wrong section. I have owned a Cannondale M500 CAD2 for a good few years now, which was given to me by a family friend who no longer needed it, as a gift. I'm not sure what year this bicycle was produced in, but from the little research I have made it must have been sometime in the mid-90's.

I have been considering buying a roadbike for a while now, and I would perhaps try to sell this one on as I won't be giving it any use. It's mechanically sound, perfectly rideable, and there are a few scratches on the frame, but no dents at all. It's only ever been used on the streets of London as a hybrid(with slick tyres), so no off-road useage. The only parts that have been changed are the brakes, everything else is original. How much is it likely to be worth, should I even bother to try to sell it?

Thanks in advance,

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