Valve extensions.....


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l've bought some inner tubes from decathon for my specialized and did'nt notice till l got home and put one on that l was struggling to pump the tyre back up as the valve is short and hard to get a pump onto it as the valve taken off has longer valve's needed for the depth of the wheel.
Anyway after a struggle l did get the tyre pumped up but as l will check/need to keep the tyre pressure up and l have bought 3 more of these inner tubes which l bought at the time can l get a valve extension onto the tube valve to make life easy...


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Did it not come with one of those little nut dongles?


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The mavic ones are cheap enough and they work fine, I have one that came with a wheel set. It's not one you leave on, you use it only to inflate then remove it. The more expensive ones are mainly for use with deep section wheels and are intended to be left on, hence they have a threaded valve head, i.e. more mechanical parts and thus cost more.
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