Vector 2 pedal faulty

just thought I’d relate my experience

Getting a new bike in2017, invested in vector 2 pedals.

They played up recently then stopped working.
Saw the status leds on the pedal pods
Left had pod flashed 7 times, this means software update in progress (I didn’t start one)

Right hand pod flashed 4 times
(Waiting to pair up with other pedal)

Could not get trough to Garmin Support

Tried the vector updates programme with the ant + dongle
It could never see left pedal.

Eventually ordered replacement pod.

Now both pods flash 4 times but it never moves beyond this
Still unable to reach Garmin Support

Tried the software update again in case the two pods at incompatible versions.
Now the programme will see lftnor right pedal but never both.

Unable to update or pair the pedals. Unable to connect to Garmin Edge 820

Eventually got hold of Garmin support
They sent me some instructions
Useless, just showed they had not been listening

Now only option is to get exchange pedals

Not impressed
The pedals are only just out of warranty
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