Velo Birmingham Climbs

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by ukbikes, 8 May 2017.

  1. ukbikes

    ukbikes Active Member

    For those doing Velo Birmingham later this year, this article on the climbs will be useful - velo birmingham climbs

    Besides the usual elevations, gradients, route maps etc, it includes some pretty cool videos fused from images on Google Maps Street View of the six climbs. As you can imagine, it took me ages to put this together but I hope you find it useful.

    The official elevation is 6,550ft but loading the GPX into Strava (or any of the other mapping tools) gives just over 7,100ft. Non of the climbs look difficult for regulars but less experienced cyclists may find the last two climbs harder with tired legs.
  2. Just a few molehills, no mountains.
  3. Snizzlepops

    Snizzlepops Active Member

    Thanks @ukbikes ^_^ I signed up very ambitiously/confidently/stupidly and sober when it opened in Sept last year! Being from the south coast, I don't know these areas at all, so this is really helpful - especially the 3D model! Hoping now I have L2B and 100km night ride under my belt I can confidently complete this in 96days time!
  4. BikeCurious

    BikeCurious Über Member

    The route has changed! See No official GPX available for the new route at the moment. It's annoying as I was going to ride part of the route this weekend.
  5. Butchersbike

    Butchersbike Active Member

    Tenbury Wells
    The original route went right past my house-due to local short sighted luddites a perfect opportunity for cyclo tourism in the Teme Valley has gone.
    Very cheesed off!
  6. brs111

    brs111 New Member

    As part of the course is my regular ride, 3 of us added the tougher 10 miles of the Velo, with St Kenelms, into a ride on Sunday, and we struggled with the number of hills. It won't be difficult for experienced climbers, but according to Strava we did 2 category 4 climbs and 10 climbs 6% or over in less than 8 miles, so after 85 miles and hitting what seemed a fairly relentless succession of climbs, I can see some saying 'what gives', as there is a much more level route into Birmingham after St Kenelms. One of us 3 was a former West Midlands time trial winner, and although not in time trial form, even he said it was a real eye-opener.
    So unless a person is in real good form, they need to leave a lot in the tank for the last 15.
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  7. BrumJim

    BrumJim Poster

    You are not wrong. Although there are a few rest points in St Kenelm's Pass, and a downhill bit too, it is a tough little hill, and nicely kicks up right at the end.
  8. barongreenback

    barongreenback Über Member

    Oh I feel so much better now. *wibble*
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  9. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    Well I did not think the climbs were too bad, and I am certainly not a climber. The sabotage and food stops were bad though.
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  10. Agreed, the food stop at 55 miles was a nightmare, I passed on it, because I couldn't get in, the later ones were much better. The sabotage didn't work, the organisers dealt with it before any real damage was done. The hills in the last 10 miles were ridiculous, they could do with distributing them a little more evenly IMO. The support from the people living en route was fantastic.
  11. Dirk

    Dirk If 6 Was 9

    Devon's Gold Coast
    What sabotage?
  12. barongreenback

    barongreenback Über Member

    Some idiots put nails out, which is why the start was delayed. I didn’t stop until 62, which seemed pretty well organised although I was in one of the earlier waves so it was fully stocked. Those final hills were ok in isolation but were really tough with 80 miles in the legs. Didn’t think St Kenelm’s was too bad but the few drags immediately afterwards had me in my easiest gear. Thank goodness for my 34/32 combination!!!

    Was a really good day though and for a first time event, I thought they did ok.
  13. Milkfloat

    Milkfloat Veteran

    Oil tipped over the route and some incidents of tacks. However, apart from a delayed start and some punctures it did not ruin the day.
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  14. Dirk

    Dirk If 6 Was 9

    Devon's Gold Coast
  15. There was one absolute bastard of a kicker climb, at about 30 miles, straight onto a 20% short sharp ramp. There was no warning about that one, and it caught a lot of people out. I thought that the organisers did a good job, considering it was their first shot at it.
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