Very Cheap wheels and 2x pairs of SPD-Sl pedals

Hi Folks....

I have the O.E wheels off a 2014 Defy 2 for sale. part number SR-2 They were taken off the bike after about 12 months of use. The rear hub was a bit noisy when I removed them, I think its sealed so bear in mind(the front was fine) the logos are Okay-ish the worst is on the front and seen in photo. They are fitted with a 7 speed sprockets instead of the original Tiagra 10 speed. (the sprocket/Cassette is hardly used as I put it on to use on a hybrid build that never happened but is rusty through sitting around PRICE £25 posted to UK mainland (postage is about 15 quid)

They are very used but would be okay for a rat bike or turbo bike Edit to say the rim braking surfaces are good still have the slightly grooved surface on them

wheel 1.jpg

Pedals 2 x Shimano SPD-SL in Black

Both are very used and scuffed

Set A (see photo) are the better pair less scuffing and bearings seem perfect included are a pair of new NON SHIMANO/NON O.E. Cleats - £9 posted

Set B (see Photo) are a bit more scuffed and if being critical it seems the right bearing seems not as tight as the left - but only very slight play again new Non O.E cleats are included. £7 posted.

If any wants more than one item then postage can be combined. Payment by paypal.

Any takers?


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Any information on servicing the wheels? Indeed a new wheel set for the commuter ,
simon the viking
Any information on servicing the wheels? Indeed a new wheel set for the commuter ,
LBS said they couldnt be greased...but did manage to force some grease in.

Not sure the rear hub would be up to your commute as i know how far you travel. However... To you they would be a tenner! I could drop em off foc
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