Very likely having to sell my beloved Bob Jackson Single speed! Pricing it?

Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by bernieUK, 18 Apr 2010.

  1. bernieUK

    bernieUK Über Member

    Good afternoon all

    Very sadly I will likely be having to sell my beloved Bob Jackson Single Speed. My arthritic old knees are just about knackered and, without trying to sound too desperate, reduncancy beckons in the next couple of months anyway (which I only found out was happening yesterday). Ah well - such is life ;)

    Out of respect to my bike I would prefer not to sell it on Fleabay but to attract wider interest I may have to. Perhaps the Classified section on Cyclechat might be a good idea. Gumtree definately not!

    No price is too high of course but I am not too sure how much it would actually sell for. Would anyone care to give an opinion of how much I am likely to get or perhaps offer some selling advice?

    The spec is detailed below. Very good condition indeed - some rubbing etc on the back/seat stays and front forks where the SKS mudguards arms were. A graze to the saddle too plus scuff marks on the crank arms. Other than that it has been very well looked after during the 15 months I have had it. Mileage - about 60 to 70 a week.

    Bob Jackson Steel 631 Frame (Medium?)
    Shimano Ultegra SL6600 brakes
    Shimano XTR Brake Levers (New)
    Miche Xpress Wheels
    White Industries 17T Freewheel
    Ritchey WCS Riser Handlebars
    Ritchey WCS Headset (New)
    Ritchey WCS Seat Post
    Ritchey WCS Handlebar Stem
    Sram Truvativ Omnium Single Speed 48T 170mm Chainset
    Chris King Sram Compatible Bottom Bracket (New)
    DMR V12 Pedals
    KMC D101 SL Chain
    Brooks Swift Saddle
  2. P.H

    P.H Über Member

    Don't do it!! lower the gearing or put a hub gear in it...
    General rule of thumb for selling bikes... you lose! 30% when you take it out of the shop plus 10% when it's no longer the current model (Probably doesn't apply to yours) then 10% a year for two years, then it's down to condition rather than age.
    Ebay ignores the rules, you just need two people who think they must have it...
  3. e-rider

    e-rider crappy member

    South West
    IMO the single speed bubble has burst and you'll not get a good return for it even on ebay.

    Either keep it or prepare to lose big!
  4. gbs

    gbs Veteran

    I might be interested. What size frame? Is it likely to suit me me - I am 188cms/6ft2".
  5. OP

    bernieUK Über Member

    Thank you for the replies! Possibly true that the single speed interest has dropped some what. All together the bike cost me about £1600 to put together. If I was to get half that I would be pleased perhaps. The bike could be considered small to medium. I am 5'9'' with an inside leg of 29''. Anyone 6 foot+ it would be too small.
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