video: such polite children...

I am sure they were just expressing their displeasure that they were not as high up the gene pool as yourself. Or was it that they failed to remove themselves from it, due to you being such a considerate cyclist? tw*ts.


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Once again, we see evidence that you MUST NOT under ANY circumstances challenge or point out that someone is doing something wrong. "Of course it was your fault, it must be your fault because I never, ever do anything wrong, and if I do I will not take responsibility for it. If you try to make me take responsibility for looking after myself, I must shout abuse, or get my mum to do it. And if you slow down enough I will assault you to prove how wrong you are. "
It's times like these that you wish scythed chariot-style axle-mounted blades were legal!
I'm not intending to transfer mine to my new bike but a blast from an Airzound would have been funny in this situation.


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User3143 said:
It's no that bad, the above is enough to put off any cyclists that want to commute.
I just want people to understand that as far as I am concerned, after years and years of dealing with scumsucking twats like the ones in the video, the single most important thing is for people to take responsibility for their errors. They didn't, they shifted blame and were abusive in the process.

If he gave abuse like that to me because I shouted a warning to him, I would really, really struggle to control the old red mist. :tongue:


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Same here Cubist. I know exaclty how that would of turned out had I been on the bike.

As soon as I'd heard an abusive comment I'd of slammed the brakes on got off my bike and prepared myself for some physical. Mind you I am quite confident in my ability to either a. intimadate them enough to make them back down and call their bluff or B. Rolled my sleeves up and busted some heads


I would really, really struggle to control the old red mist.

Had a similar incident to Mr Paul a few weeks ago but mine was two youths in a car.

They came out a side street without looking. I shouted 'watch out' loudly.

They, thinking it would be funny, did an emergency stop and move towards the kerb blocking my secondary position - thereby forcing me to break in an emergency.

Thanks God for my disc brakes otherwise I would have gone into their rear.

I was praying that they would get out the car so I could beat the sh1t out of them.

Lucky for them, they drove off at speed.

LR06 1XL - got the no plate etched in my head and when I do see them again, I intend to remind them.

As Cubist says, had they put their hands up or flashed their hazard lights to say sorry, I would have thought no worries - human error.

But for them to have slammed on the brakes and block my secondary position was sheer stupidity and damn right dangerous.
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