Vintage 80's Road Bike Restoration!

Hi guys, this is my first post on here so, hello!

I recently inherited my step dads 80's Peugeot Premier road bike and have started to cycle again after 4 years of not touching a bike! It has been sat outside in the elements for about 3 years and needed a fair bit of work done to get it up to scratch again which I have recently done! I've replaced the back tyre, front and rear brake pads, handle bar tape, chain, took the rear derailleur apart - cleaned, lubed and rebuilt it, adjusted all the brakes and gears and replaced the saddle (the most uncomfortable saddle I've ever been on!!)

I'm now at the stage where the bike works great, it's so fast and smooth and actually brakes now, which is always a bonus, but it looks like a white hunk of rust!

I can buy the same decals off eBay for £7 so I was debating whether to strip the bike down, respray it and then re-decal?

I know it's an 80's bike and it's got it's patina but there is patina and then there is just covered in rust

What are you guys thoughts on the matter? Should I leave it in its original paint and preserve the story of the bike or restore it back to looking new again??

Thanks in advance!!!
P.s This is my bike


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Might be worth finding a local powder coaters - they can do bikes for £40-£50. Enamel paint costs a ruddy fortune these days - about £200 to do it properly.
Thanks for all the replies!! I realise in hind sight that the picture I uploaded made the bike look a lot better than it is! I've took some close up pics of the rust and I'll let you guys decide with accurate pictures this time!

I understand the importance of preserving the originality of the bike but I'm almost scared to take it out when it's been raining in fear of making the rust on it worse!

Also, a little update on the bike! I've done a fair bit of low end maintenance to it and it's running fantastic! It's so much smoother and quicker! I ended up replacing the back tyre, which was well past it's sell by date, for a Continental Gatorskin, I changed both sets of brake pads for some Clarke's from Hellfrauds, I replaced the chain, took the rear derailleur apart, cleaned and greased it and rebuilt it, rewrapped the handlebars, replaced the seat (my bum is still thanking me for that one), and tried to polish all the bare metal with Brasso, to no real difference but I'm still working on restoring the metal on it!

PHL67 - it is indeed HLE tubing! Pic below to confirm!

Fossyant - I have considered this but I'm trying to keep the budget low on this and would rather do the work myself, but thanks for the suggestion!

Otek59 - I have tried T-cut, it didn't really do much to be honest! Made the area a little shinier but that's about it! But thank you!

Here's a few snaps for you!


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I would still go for rub down with T-Cut, then you could convert/stabilise the remaining rusty areas with a solution of oxalic acid (don't use phosphoric/hammerite type rust cures - they stained surrounding white paint a dark blue colour when I tried it previously on an old Raleigh).

Then seal with carnauba wax to bead off water.
I have found this stuff to be pretty good on car and pushbikes:

gone up in price since I last bought it, but it goes a long way, does the job and lasts a long time if you put the lid back on firmly.


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It’s not as bad as some I have seen. I would touch it up. Let it dry then light t cut and polish.

Polish all the chrome and aluminium then it will look amazing.

Not bad enough for repaint or powder.


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The way I look at it, the appearance isn't bad enough to warrant a full frame refurb. Maybe after a few more years wear & tear it might be, but for now I would just ride it and get some more miles out of it before even thinking about the cosmetics.
It's a LOT tidier than some of the scruffy contraptions I ride most of my mileage on.


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You're lucky; my Dad gave his '80s Peugeot away before I was old enough to properly appreciate bikes.

Something like this, with low market- but high sentimental-value, is worth putting the effort and money into IMO. But I know you mentioned a budget so the others' posts make much more sense.
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