Warming up for a cycle or run?


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I have just started getting into cycling again and a little bit of running (well jogging and walking really) after a development in stomach size (fat haha)

Monday was my first day into somewhat of a routine where I had ridden 3.4 miles and ran 3.6 miles.
Tuesday I did the same route cycling but did 4 miles running
Wednesday (today) I did 11 miles steady cycling

Without any dedicated warming up. The cycling was the warm up for the run, and then wednesday I didn't warm up at all.

Should I really warm up? How can I do it? And what's its importance? The reason I ask is I want to reduce the chances of injuries and strain and I'm not sure, since I've never really been an active person.


I would really advise a good warm up - and cool down - when running.
Even with plenty of stretching I still managed to get a nasty shin spint injury and had to stop running, and other impact sports, for over a month.
A gentle cycle is a good warm up before a run, but always do stretches too -and afterwards to avoid muscle imbalance which can cause injury. You'll find a good range of stretches online -they're difficult to explain without pictures.
I'd also avoid running too far, too fast, too soon. Building up gradually will do more for your fitness in the long wrong -aswell as reducing the chance of injury.


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I found running gently for the first 500m was better than risking overstretching tight muscles, many others would probably disagree.

I tend to only stretch my back because its dodgy and calves/hams if theyre really really tight, but mostly just let the exercise warm up itself. Stretching after running and on rest days on the otherhand is something i find important.


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I warm up for running by walking, and for cycling by riding slower.
I agree!

Complement the pre-run walking with some dynamic stretches then build the speed into the run. Following the run some brief static stretches and it's job done. Long static or intense stretches shouldn't feature in the workout at all, keep those for days off.

Quite honestly, if I had to pull my bike out to go warm up for a run, I would never bother running, its too much hassle. One of my favorite things about running is just getting up and going.
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