We all know Wikipedia is not the most accurate source of information.......



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I should probably add the link as well.


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Hahahahaha, got rellies in Parkgate, we're not close.

Someone used to go around sabotaging the pages of Non League Football Teams with little amusing one liners and snarks that you had to go looking for to enjoy


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An idiot (former) friend I knew refused to believe that Gregg's was started in Newcastle. Using Wikipedia to dispute his ridiculous assertion that it was invented in Glasgow, I discovered this opening line:

Gregg's is sh!te and their sausage rolls give you the runs.

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My brother lives in Neston and I can vouch for the accuracy of the Wikipedia article.

Also part of the same borough is Ellesmere Port.... Up market, salubrious, Palm trees and pure quality, at least it used to be!
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