We have a new bike!


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Following the theft of Richard's bike, the Tank, over Christmas :biggrin: we've just spent a lovely morning at Spa Cycles and have bought the biggest, shiniest, loveliest Dawes Super Galaxy ever!!!! It seems to fit perfectly, we bought a slightly different stem and it's just amazing.


The husband loved his test rides...he even went over some pot holes as I've gone on so much about how cool steel is over a pot hole and he loved them!!

We're SO excited!!!! It feels like the world is our oyster right now. If ONLY the wind would die down so we can take the bikes out for a spin,

Hurrah.....new bike!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news Cathryn. :biggrin:


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I'd steal my own bike too if I thought it would result in a brand new Super Galaxy :biggrin:

Cycling in the wind is fun anyway, get out there!


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Both bikes are living indoors now....we've learned our lesson.And Dave5N, I think he thinks I've hidden the old one - I've been hassling him for ages to get a good bike!!

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