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I've alwasy been a car nut, since I was little, and like taking a swift drive out on the local B roads when the weather is nice. I've always given cyclists room too, but as I've recently taken up cycling myself with my girlfriend, I'm a bit protective of how close car's get to her while her confidence is still a bit low, and it's made me more aware.

I was coming home on a nice stretch of road when I saw a cyclist in all his gear, so I slowed down as I usually do, but this time I was leaving about a 15 - 20 meter gap between myself and the rider. He knew I was there and wanted to get past, but there were uncoming cars so I just held back. We both turned left, and I could see he was still conscious of me being behind him, so i dropped back a bit further and waited for the way to clear, then moved completely into the opposite lane to give him loads of room as i went past (diesel fumes don't taste or smell very nice!) and he gave me a massive thumbs up to say thanks :smile:

It just goes to show how much more aware you are of another persons activities once you get involved too.


My wife and kids said something similar last night. They now notice all the cyclists and give them way more room,and like to check out the bikes aswell :smile:
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