West middlesex hospital bike parking


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Had to unfortunately visit there today and there are four ground anchored poles , enough to hold sixteen bikes if everyone moves up . Everywhere else has a sign with a fine if you lock a bike to it .
I asked if there was another place and was told " no that is it ".
I really am gobsmacked :blink:

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You should have taken a picture, then tagged them on Twitter #activetravel :whistle:
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It's almost like some idiot made county/unitary councils responsible for Public Health, rather than the NHS, isn't it? ;)

As a result, I'm not sure whether you should start with the Patient Advisory Liaison Service (PALS) at https://www.chelwest.nhs.uk/your-visit/patient-advice or your county councillor or London AM at www.writeToThem.com - maybe complain to both to reduce the risk of a brush-off? I thank you on behalf of future visitors cycling to the hospital!
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