Wet Or Sweaty????

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by dantheman, 5 Jun 2008.

  1. dantheman

    dantheman Veteran

    OKAY, I have just read this thread "first wet commute - yuk"
    and it has given me some questions about waterproofs.. I am thinking of buying some waterproof over trousers and jacket, but i have always been someone who sweats a lot, and after reading this, am now wondering if its really a good idea??
    i dont have any plans to start wearing all this special cycling gear, and currently commute in combat pants/shorts and t-shirts, the thing is its really shi**y getting to work soaked!- its bearable on the way home as you can have a shower and stuff to make yourself fell better..- but my work has no such luxuries- in their opinion were lucky theres a (dirty and scummy) disabled toilet to get changed in.

    i was wondering what different ways some of you deal with the rain??- ie what you have tried and did or did not work for you, and which waterproofs are better than others, i mean lining/no lining, breathable/ not, ponchos/ top and trousers etc, as opposed to actual brands..

    thank you very muchly.
  2. Archie

    Archie Errrr.....

    This time of year I'd go with wet. If it's colder and there's a risk of chill, or it's likely to be a long time in the saddle in cooling conditions I'd go for the waterproof jacket. Only if it's really cold would I consider waterproof trousers.

    Oh, and I sweat a lot too.
  3. monnet

    monnet Über Member

    For my commute always wet over sweaty. In winter - winter tights.

    If it's a long ride I make sure my clothing is heavy enough to keep me warm. I keep a lightweight waterproof in my back pocket on long rides usually for use if I'm going downhill/ any other windchill situations.
  4. Wolf04

    Wolf04 New Member

    Wallsend on Tyne
    +1 for Waterproof trousers only when it's cold, otherwise boil in the bag springs to mind. Waterproof jacket and lycra shorts or longs depending on season. Overshoes if it's tonking it down.
  5. goo_mason

    goo_mason Champion barbed-wire hurdler

    Leith, Edinburgh
    As a prolific sweater, I'd go for wet over sweat any time. The only time I don my rain jacket is if it's peeing down on the coldest days in winter, and there's a chance I'd eventually feel the cold :biggrin:

    Combats etc aren't great when you sweat, as they'll rub / chafe and get very damp. I learned right from the start that a good, wicking cycle jersey and lycra bib longs / bib shorts or shorts is the comfiest option if you perspire a lot or get wet in rain. They dry quickly afterwards and pull the sweat away to the outside to dry during your ride.

    I learned to put the fear of looking silly in lycra to bed early on as comfort and avoiding nasty chafing won the day.
  6. Plax

    Plax Veteran

    Well, if it is absolutely chucking it down I'll wear overshoes, waterproof trousers, waterproof gloves and a waterproof jacket. I'll wear a skull cap under my helmet and that tends to do a good job of keeping the head dry. It does make you sweaty, but I much prefer this. Warmer for a start, I'm not much of a fan of being in wringing wet cold clothes, no matter how quickly they dry. It's yuk. Warm and wet is my motto, not cold and wet :biggrin:.

    If it's only drizzling / light showers I'll just have the waterproof jacket on, or just my lighter windproof jacket. I find Ronhill bikesters deal quite well with light rain, and dry fairly quickly.

    I did once cycle home in shorts when it was hailstoning. It wasn't the most memorable experience - hailstones don't half sting your poor little leggsies. My most traumatic wet weather experience was when I was still cycling in my running shoes. It chucked it down big style and I had a very squelchy ride home. There was quite literally a pool of water in my shoes and my socks weighed a tonne. I made sure I got some overshoes after that.
  7. John-XTC

    John-XTC New Member

    Sounds like you should buy yourself a high quality poncho, which are perfect for communting, if you just want to get their dry, without buying expensive water proof clothing.

    If there aren't any local shops, go to ebay, you can pick up an army style poncho, with rip-stop technology, or even the cheap disposable ones for emergencies.

    Here is an example:
  8. HelenD123

    HelenD123 Veteran

    That was my thread! To be honest it wasn't that bad apart from the wet feet. Dry socks on the way home sorted that out temporarily. The shoes are still a bit damp though so overshoes seem to be the way to go.

    It wasn't raining that hard when I set off so I wore my usual Gore windproof (one of these http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDeta...ID=5360033307&n=Gore Phantom II Ladies Jacket) which I find is actually pretty waterproof. It kept me the right temperature and my shirt underneath was bone dry when I got to work 40 minutes later. I wouldn't recommend it for heavy rain though.

    If it's not cold, shorts are fine. A quick wipe with a towel when you get to work and you're dry.
  9. PrettyboyTim

    PrettyboyTim New Member

    I have some rainlegs (which are pretty much just waterproof overshorts, with the backs cut off - they just keep the front side of your thighs dry) are pretty good because they keep your shorts fairly dry for the most part but because they have no back to them they're not too bad for getting sweaty.
  10. tdr1nka

    tdr1nka Taking the biscuit

    PBTim, I see you now in snow shoes, rain legs, wind proof jacket and a sun hat, a man for all seasons!

    OT I much prefer to leg my legs get wet than to sweat, as I would, profusely in waterproof trousers.
  11. hackbike 6

    hackbike 6 New Member

    The Mile End Road.
    Prefer wet to sweaty and I sweat a lot.Yuk.
  12. Keith Oates

    Keith Oates Janner

    Penarth, Wales
    I'm also a heavy sweater but I find that a quick wipe down with a damp towel when arriving in the office keeps things fresh through the day. Needless to say any clothing worn on the commute is changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I don't commute far these days and wear the trousers I wear in the office so I prefer to keep them dry (over trousers) and don't really get sweaty. When I commuted a longer distance I carried over trousers but was reluctant to wear them unless it was cold.
  14. neslon

    neslon Well-Known Member

    The Toon
    It all depends on whether you can change when you get there. I can, so wear cycle specific kit - I bought waterproof trousers 5 years ago and have worn them once (pop round and have them). Longs if its below 7, shorts otherwise. Windstopper top if rain forecast, whatever if not.

    If you are wearing the gear on the bike that you are going to wear all day, then either you you go very slow, or sit a long way from colleagues!
  15. biking_fox

    biking_fox Veteran

    I used to commute (gently) in my work clothes so full waterproofs was an absolute must.

    Get the lightest breathable fabrics you can afford. Get extra long trousers if you can find them, because of the knee bending you want the cuffs to reach as low as your shoes to help prevent drip in.

    I know commute in lycra shorts/longs and will don't wear overtrousers unless its cold enough to be in longs and fairly heavy rain. I do have a light jacket that I wear over my Tshirt most days.
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