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  1. I have put this up in the commuting forum before seeing this one so have reposted.
    I have just started to cycle 21 mls to work on 3 days a week because of the rising cost of petrol, it is a bit ambitious but I am fit enough, the one thing I would like to know is what to carry for wet emergencies, when I was a youngster I remember my wife's dad having a yellow cape but that is 40 yrs ago, I currently wear my running gear in the dry and have a waterproof cycle jacket, its my legs and feet that I am concerned about as my SPD shoes are not waterproof neither are my tracksters, anybody help
  2. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    replied to the other thread but for that distance wear cycle bib shorts/longs and let them get wet and then dry, there's not much there to get wet, I'd only add layers to stop me getting cold

    and this time of the year, summer socks don't soak up much water and they dry quick, overshoes if you want to

    for that distance I'd recommend decent cycle clothing from head to foot, you'll be grateful very quickly
  3. HJ

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    Get a proper pair of cycle shorts, they are far more comfortable and quick drying, which is fine in summer. For winter use, either bibbed long or Ron Hill DXB Bikester (similar to tracksters but better cut for cycling), they have a water repellent finish (so long as you follow the washing instructions carefully) and water just runs off.
  4. Perry

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    Ok guys this post is also helpfull for me too.

    So, basically expect to get wet, so use quick drying gear rather than waterproof gear?
  5. Hi Perry, Graham1, I commute wearing lycra - bibshorts mostly but longs etc. I hate getting my feet wet and invested in some neoprene overshoes - mostly for Winter but useful in prolonged Summer rain (bit hot though...;))
    I carry a Montaine Featherlite jacket always - useful for the odd windy or drizzly ride but you do eventually get wet! Sweating plays a big partxx(
    The advantage with this is that it fits into a tennis ball sized bag and can be toted anywhere 10/10!
    The other 'standard' commuter thing seems to be the Altura Night Vison jacket. Warm, dry, visible and an all-round recommended buy. Mine's black but it comes in yellow hi-viz too. Big pocket behind and air vents for a modest outlay.
    Of course, there is Gore-Tex or other 'breathable fabric - at a price.
    Hmm - now I'm thinking of the crappy days of weather...:blush:
  6. longers

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    What Teef' said is how I've learnt to ride too. I usually have something to throw over my top half to keep me warmish if I have to stop for any reason. I've got a cheap Decathlon running shower proof thingy that I take in summer, a heavier weight Altura jacket for the winter and a cheap Ron Hill gilet/jacket concertible thingy for inbetween times.

    I used to use waterproofs on a very short commute that I did twice a day but it's not suitable for me on longer rides. Too wet from the inside ;)
  7. HJ

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    At this time of year full on waterproof gear gets hot and uncomfortable, best to keep it for the winter. As Aperitif says the Altura Night Vison jacket is standard commuting wear, but I find even that with shorts can get too warm in summer...
  8. 4F

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    Skins waterproof. Wearing waterproofs in the summer is a bit like boil in the bag and most unpleasant.
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