What a difference 30 mins make!


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OK I live in the country and I dont't see the traffic you townies do. My commute is 26 miles round trip on quiet country lanes in the most part. I normally leave for work after 9am (because I can, I work for myself :angry:)

Today I needed to be in a bit earlier and left at 8.30am.

WOW, those quiet country lanes were now a rat run of vans and cars :tongue: On at least 3 occasions I was passed so close and fast that it startled me and left me shouting obcenities. :smile:

Hats off to you lot that cope with that every day, me? its back to travelling after 9am......until the next time I have to be early.


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Round my way, cycling in after 9am tends to be more dangerous! Guessing the streets are full of the hungover running late and world-weary taxi and bus drivers reaching the end of their shift - seems to be much less attention being paid the later you get.


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I see the same cars at the same time, same place on my 6:30 - 8:00 ride. Unsettles me a bit when i do it at a dfferent time and the road's full of 'strangers'.
Im used to it...it's rare that I would have the same time two days on the trot let alone 5 or 7.So I leave at different times and do different shifts...Finish different times also...varies a lot...
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