What are you doing this weekend?

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Riding some where but not decided yet, no doubt I will get told tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sounds good ivancarlos. I'm going to check out the resurfacing work thats been done on the snake pass on my best bike (:rolleyes:) and my sister is visiting with her pet wolf so we will be walking, eating, drinking and planning our holiday (:blush:)


Started young, and still going.
I am on a week of nights at the moment, so I will be sleeping most of saturday, then a twelve hour shift saturday night so that will be most of sunday out the window. But then I'm off on hols for two weeks, YIPPEEEEEE. Enjoy your rides out this weekend people.:rolleyes:


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Taking part in the London Triathlon on Sunday morning, followed by about a million pints of beer.


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No specific plans but I'm sure there will be some cycling involved :rolleyes: Forecast says 25 degrees tomorrow, has the summer finally arrived??


I'm going to try and upload my first commute from my camera this evening. Tomorrow, packing, shopping taking the kids to the park. Sunday I fly to Cleveland.:sad: Wednesday I fly back.:rolleyes: Saturday I fly back to the US.............:blush: .......for three weeks hols.:biggrin:

See you all in a month.


I travel back to East Yorks froim Glasgow this afternoon (I hope the 2 CV makes it!). If you see a bright red 2 CV on the M74/M6/A66/A1 this afternoon give me a toot as I will be going a wee bit slower than you! Big party tonight in Beverley with my wife's colleagues as she finishes work today before the grand move north. Sat, we cycle and pack the car for our summer holiday. On Sun, the club ride, clean bikes, load bikes in car (NOT the 2 CV) and head for France for 3 weeks in the Ardeche and Provence regions. Lots of cycling, drinking wine, eating cheese and just enjoying the time away from work.

Mr Phoebus

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There are two* local group rides this Saturday: one at 10.00am and another at 2.00pm, I'll be doing both. :blush:

*Ride organiser cocked the ride dates up.:rolleyes::becool::biggrin:


Master of the Inane Comment
I am going for a day trip to Austria, like you do. About 4 hours there and the same back. I shall go there with the family, and come back without them! This means that until we all get together again next weekend (holiday!!) I shall be able to see all the DVD's that I like but she doesn't ....


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Drink a lot of wine tonight, get up and drinks lots of water, hopefully build my new bike (IF the new frame arrives), stay in Saturday night, sleep in Sunday morning, go for a big ride, watch the F1 race, then slob about for the rest of the day. :rolleyes:
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