What are you upto during the lock down


Let's have a positive thread amongst the dark side of Corona virus.
Being placed on retention will be the longest time I've ever had of in one go since 1986. That would of been my last school days holiday 😊 From the day i left school to the ripe old age of 50 ive been in work having just the odd week holidays. As scary as it is, I'm also quite excited to have a month off and be paid (well hopefully)
It's a bit of a novelty at the moment to which I'm sure will wear off pretty quickly. Planing to keep myself occupied is going to be a bit of a challenge though considering we're all under house arrest. Today i cut the lawn and made a start on painting the garden shed before it rots away. I hate painting and only did one side before my attention got pulled away from it, but hey there's always tomorrow. After a small dinner and admiring the 10 packs of bog rolls the neighbour was bragging about (disgusting to say the least) it was out into the wild west of Wales for a naughty bike ride feeling like a right little anarchist. One exercise a day was what BoJo said, and i was going to take full advantage of my break to freedom. Did get a bit carried away though and spent 2 hours out covering 30+miles oops. Well he didn't actually say how long the 1 aday exercise should last did he?
The next coming days will no doubt be of the same thing. Get the garden shed looking good plenty of cycling errr no i mean exercising and get the old car into fine fettle again. The brakes need overhauling and good service. I can do these out of the way from others so it should be safe.
Anyway, have you got any plans, projects or jobs to keep you occupied during the lock down.
One other thing I am doing which im taking seriously is to look after and help my vulnerable neighbours in their hour of need. This is the top of my priorities to keep them safe ❤


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The same as I'd normally do - working from home instead of the university office.

My son's got classes Mon-Fri 9-3 just online instead of at school.


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So far I have been busy painting railings on decking. I can't do the decking itself as I haven't bought the paint for it yet. I also started painting my bike shed and have done two sides today. More to do tomorrow.
After that, I don't know yet.
One downside of this confinement is that my wife has decided to sleep in different rooms for the duration. Her excuse is so that we don't breathe on each other all night.:sad:
On the plus side, I have the dog all to myself on the bed with me, although we take turns for that as well. It is my turn tonight. ^_^
I hope Molly ( our dog) doesn't get confused by all this.:wacko:


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Myself, my wife and two teenagers at home and just each other for company all day. My son has effectivey left school, exams cancelled and no work provided. My daughter has on line school work to complete each day.

I am working from home keeps me busy all day, my wife working from home to the end of April but after that they don't need her.

Main thing for us then is sticking to a routine with everyone getting up and going to bed at reasonable times - I have to be up for work anyway.

We have been going out for a walk each day together as a family.

Worst thing in the circumstances, apart from contracting the virus, would be any prolonged outage of the internet.


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Normal life for me. Being retired i have to keep myself occupied. Am doing a loft conversion at the moment. The wife is working from home. So i have a bit company. Getting out on the bikes now and then. I have the garden to sort out. When i get time. The only thing i miss at the moment is the pub. Its the place i go when i need a break. And its a big part of my social life. I am not one for sitting around at home doing nothing. But this week i have lost a kilo. And my beer belly is getting smaller. So no complaints for me.


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Made a start on the annual cutting back of the Ivy yesterday, I may have to revise upward the number of Sparrows that live in it from around 40 or so to 70-80 unless they'd just had a bunch of mates round for a party and a laugh at the silly humans (well it's not our fault this time)*
Got off all the tendrils that had crept around the front then jetwashed where they'd been and did all the window frames and the porch before touching up the paintwork on the rendered wall. Today's job is to make a start on the main side wall but I can't 'overdo' it as they need the protection it affords if/when we get another frost, that'll take a couple of days then the back will need sorting where again it has tried creeping round the corner.



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Working from home when rostered on duty ATM as in isolation. When I'm fit then I return to work next week, where I understand it is quiet. No shortage of DIY to get done here, the only niggle is getting bits. Same for the cars, major service to do on the Volvo, but have to order all the bots for delivery which apart from being a few quid dearer is no great shakes, the car isn't going anywhere.

Both kids are secondary age and getting daily work set by the school which is good. SWMBO is a TA and sending out English work for her class to keep them and her busy.

The dogs are confused, the older Shepherd/Husky X is not happy with us being home all day, he likes his mornings to himself in peace and quiet, not something he's getting with the girls doing Joe Wickes workout every day!


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I started with the idea of doing this and that, I've done a little in the garden, a bit of spring cleaning, thought I might decorate but quickly found myself enjoying the sun, the relaxation, walking the dog and a relaxing cycle ride more often. Work is often full on, most of the day on my feet and with OA, I often, almost always ache at the end of the day. I'm thoroughly enjoying the relaxation and it's like all the normal pressures of life have just fallen away.


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Working from home.
Child 2 and Mrs B have been keeping busy rubbing down the gazebo and applying wood preservative. As I look out from my dining room I can see them applying preservative to the floor.
My turn tomorrow to do its roof.
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