what bike for a maiden London - Paris ride??

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Sidney B

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Hi All

recent convert to the wonder of 2 wheels! Signed up for a C2W bike last October, and have since clocked up around 2000km on my commute - saving lodas of cash and getting healthy.

My commuter bike is a Specialized Sirrus which has served me well, a good solid bit of kit. However in all this new-found excitement, I've now signed up for a London - Paris charity ride, which will take 3 days, averaging around 80 miles per day.

I'm told a road bike would serve me much better for this - however, just loking around and I am baffled by the choice. My budget is around £600 - just wondered if anyone had any recommendations?

(iI am a tall, skinny fella, around 6"5' if that info makes any difference)



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Others may disagree with me but I'd say a sirrus would be a good option for that sort of ride. It's basically a flat bar road bike anyway, so all you would gain would be some options of where to place your hands by having drops. I'd save yourself the money and just fit some bar ends on to your existing bike ( unless you've got them on there already of course! )


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I did a three day London to Paris on a Sirrus and simply put Tri-bars on the front to give me a bit of respite when we were in a headwind.


Comfort and familiarity with your bike are probably key considerations. Depending on when the ride is, you are probably best keeping with the one you have, if it is mechanically sound.

jay clock

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just to add that personally I would not rate the tyres on the Specialized and the Trek ones better but not my thing. I would go for Conti GP4000/5000 or 4Seasons. But you may be less fussy! And again personal but I would change the saddle and pedals.....
The only reason to go road bike is for some alt hand positions. Adding either tri bars or bar ends or fitting butterfly/trekking bars does similar.
You can switch tyres to a 28mm slick for speed.
I dont think the advantages over a Sirus justify another bike. Sirrus is an excellent machine.
Change the tyres and add tri bars , bar ends or butterfly/ trekking bars to add alt handholds.
The advantages of a £600 roadbike over the Sirrus are hard to work out.

Sidney B

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thanks all for the responses - I was expecting a welter of recommendations for different road bikes ^_^ (or perhaps hoping!! think I'm just looking for an excuse)

love my Sirrus, but I kind of see it as my 'commuter machine' now. Fitted out with a rack, mudguards etc.

I guess, I'm interested in branching out into a lightweight road bike and doing some 'fun' riding (my rides to date have ONLY been commutes!)

Thanks again all :notworthy:

Pale Rider

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What is the level of rider support on London to Paris?

If you need to carry stuff you may want to use pannier or other bags.

Buying a £600 road bike and slapping on a carrier is daft when your commuting bike is already set up for luggage.


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