What can't you live without?


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The internet via broadband. I currently get about 15 Mb/s, which is fine for most of what I do, but I will probably upgrade to superfast fibre in the future. I remember how bloody awful it was on a 14.4 kb/s dial-up connection. I once spent £100 in a week on phone charges and I probably only downloaded what I do in a morning now.

TV is on the list too. Saying 'there is nothing good on TV' is like saying that there are no good books in a library - yes, 90% of the programmes are awful, just as 90% of books in a library are, but there are wonderful things to be found. I'd have more respect for somebody who agreed that there were great TV programmes, but who preferred to do more active things in the evening.


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An acoustic guitar. At the moment it's a Gibson J45 Walnut, but could be any of a few in my small collection as I tend to re-fall in love with them in rotation. I get twitchy if I haven't played for a couple of days, and can while hours away if I'm not careful when I do!


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I don't know.

I could say the internet but got by perfectly well before i had access to it. Maybe my music collection. I've been building that since i was about nine years old, so can't really remember a time when i didn't have a couple of albums to call my own. I always manage to find something to do to occupy me... sometimes it involves a guitar, or a bike, or a tape measure and a saw, a pencil and paper, a DVD or just sitting around day dreaming. Yesterday was mostly spent tidying up. :blush:


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Oh and chips, mustn't forget them!


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Never mind your amps, it looks like you're struggling to find a duster!
Maz is not allowed to go near em with cloths/spray/multi-coloured wiggly things on sticks etc I take the lot apart every 6 months or so and clean everything then rewire/reassemble the whole lot. Maz is allowed to use the system it's just fiddling about near it which is verboten and always has been, BTW there is another HiFi in the front room which is a lot better than most people have.
As far as consumer items are concerned nothing, I could if required live with at all of it.
Possible exception Chocolate. I love chocolate .

On the matter of the OP’s item, I have one used it once hated it, it’s in a drawer somewhere probably destined for landfill somewhere one day...if I ever find it again.
Same here never really got on with it as I'm not an Apple-sheep... found it hard to get the format to get the blinking thing working properly.. regretted buying it within a few days should have got a generic MP3 player... obvoiusly just stream spotify from phone now
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