What DID happen to C+ forum?

Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Agree with Jonathan M, BikeMagic seems to be totally MTB orientated, I don't have a problem with mtb'ing but I'm more of a commute / weekend tootle sort of fella so I like to see posts on all aspects of cycling.
Jonathan M said:
Well, I've just (today) moved from BR to here. I tried ACF when there was a bit of a spat on the old C+ a while ago, and found it a bit too cliquey - a reason why I don't use STW as well.

I've already seen a few names here that I know, and it seems a bit like the old community that was C+.

BR seemed a bit too much like Bikemagic became - simply too big to be good, and not necessarily a good resource. I've not used bikemagic for several years, as the same threads (what bike, roadies are gay etc) seem to come up all the time.
There's been a separate road site for a couple of years or so here :-
http://www.roadcyclinguk.com/ (I think that you can use your original login and email), looks a bit like BR but smaller.
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