What do your garden birds enjoy eating?


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Obviously most of them eat the normal fat balls etc.
I have stopped putting seed out due to the mess and the sprouting that happens.
A week ago I found an energy bar in one of my cycle bags.... so I put that in a fat block container. Nothing!! Nothing for 3 days, then it was as though word spread and they are loving it. Even the Blackbirds that can't hang on keep flying/flapping up to peck at it.
Keeps me amused while my gammy back keeps me at home anyway :rolleyes:

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Black sunflower seeds for ours and fat balls and a bit of bread now and again
have to keep the hoe handy in the spring and summer months but a lot better than messy seed
most of which got chucked on the ground and attracted rats


Seed premium stuff, not cheap rubbish , fat blocks, mealworm.. Grapes cut in half.
Apple, and when it's really cold i break up seeded bread into very small pieces, crumb it and cook it in a wok with lard, they love that.
I also crush up biscuits, often wok them and add fat.

Fresh water daily and regular disinfect the feeders ect.


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A couple of wood pigeons make daily visits to my kitchen window (and my neighbour's) to bang on it for food.
They'll look through the window at you as if to say, "C'mon, human, get some of those peanuts from your garage and feed us." As soon as they see they've got my attention they fly onto the driveway to wait for me at the garage door.

The smaller birds get a mixture of seeds, suet, nuts in a feeder, sunflower hearts, and mealworms.


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We give them fat balls, Niger seeds and other mixed seeds. We get great, blue and long-tailed tits mainly but this morning we had a lesser spotted woodpecker. Lord knows what that was doing in Shepherds Bush.


Gave up putting out stuff when we saw a huge rat sitting on the bird-table :sad:


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Gave up putting out stuff when we saw a huge rat sitting on the bird-table :sad:
We don't use a bird table, but, rather, Hanging feeders.

This does have a plus of sometimes amusing displays by squirrels, attempting to raid the feeders.

Some seed does fall on the ground, inevitably, and, have spotted some mice etc on video camera, but, so far, no rats ;)

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We have so many birds around here that we tend to put fat balls out. Cheap and cheerful and every bird seems to like them. Of course so do the dam squirrels as well :cursing:
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