What does 'partner company' actually mean?


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I see lot's of bike companies, in particuar bike holiday companies, proudly displaying a range of 'partner company' logos on thier sites. I'm confused as to exactly what the 'relationship' is between those sites and the companies they claim to be partners with. So for example if a site says it is a shimano partner, does there need to exist a legal contract between both of them, or coan it be as flimsy a connection as just using shimano parts on your bike?

I'm guessing you need the companies permission to display their logo as a minimum right?

I think cyclists are attracted by the usual pethora of respected names, it implies credibilty , so i can see why saller outfits wish to be associated with them, but what exactly dos such a deal entail usually? I'm guessing with a bike store sellling giant bikes that its obvious , but its less with companies selling organized rides /events/ sportives for example.

Is there typically a cost? Do goods and services need providing or do people just stick up logos to make themselves look better and bigger?

I guess th eanswer may seem obvious to some but it's not to me so apologies if it seems a silly question to some.



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'partner company' can mean 'advert' on the interweb.


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The relationship could be very loose !! A couple of free bottles of lube, and Muck Off could be a partner ! Don't read too much into it, advertising.


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You have to have permission from Shimano before you can use the Shimano logo on your website. So if some bike company describes itself as a "Shimano Partmer" and displays the logo, as a bare minimum Shimano has given permission for the use of its logo. Beyond that, "Partner" has no clear definition. The implication is that Shimano and the bike company are working together in some way. But it could (and probably is) just that the bike company buys stuff from Shimano.

FWIW I think Shimano shouldn't allow this sort of description. By all means "Distributor of official Shimano components" but "partner" is implying something that probably isn't true


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It's a bit like the public sector organisations/quangos that have loads and loads of 50 logos from all and sundry on their stationery and promotional material to imply "partnership" or "credibility" - but are usually just an ego trip for the (much overused expression for "Manager") "Chief Executive" ... take with a pinch of salt!

To the consumer there is no additional legal standing when dealing with any of these entities. It more a commercial and marketing arrangement to push consumers down a product or geographic vertical.


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'partner company' can mean 'advert' on the interweb.
and they'll give their carefully selected partners all of your contact details for spam marketing purposes if they get half a chance.
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