what happened on tonights commute?


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Good for you! I got my first abuse in a long while ('Get off the road you daft c----') and a massive headwind to boot.
Hol today so no commute at all.
Went to the cinema, had pizza afterwards with wife, degreased/regreased the MTB in case it's raining tomorrow.

dave r

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tonight was the same as the last couple of nights, flat out into a strong headwind and down below 15 mph in places, so far this week I've only managed to ride easy, as I try to do every commute, in the mornings when I've been pushed along by a tail wind.

mumbo jumbo

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For me, an uneventful ride home....

My 18 yr old son however has just ridden back from 6-a-side footy. He was shat on IN THE FACE by a bird as he rode home in the dark :laugh: It was a glancing blow off his cheekbone with the main deposit on his shoulder and down his arm. He's still in the shower now...

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Some toerag nicked my front lights (yesterday before return) luckily it was 2pm lights not needed.,cue,frantically trying to sort replacements for this mornings commute.Successful.
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