What have you bought that has been a total waste of money?


Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
I bought these useless things, bundled with other stuff, by Planetx
(probably because they couldn't unload them any other way!)
I tried them out last night for the first, and last time!


Warm? Yes.
Reflective? Yes.
Totally useless for changing gears, or braking? Yes.
Mint club biscuits
Ginko aluminium clock


Rain magnet.
Costa Clyde.
I've got the same style of motorcycle glove. On a motorbike they actually are of some use in keeping your hands warm, but yes you do lose some feel of the clutch and front brake.

As for complete waste of money items, there have been many, but at the moment I can't recall any!

Edit... Oh yes, one of those chain cleaning things in a plastic casing with rollers and wheels/brushes that you fill with degreaser and then make a mess of everything within 10 yards - including the back wheel and braking surfaces.

And a Garmin Edge explore 820 - £200 for a non user friendly POS...
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When I were but a lad, my dad used to go away on business trips 'n that and he'd often bring back little gifts. One year I got a penknife with a multicoloured handle and about eight or nine 'blades'. Needless to say, the corkscrew wasn't of much interest to me until a year or something later when my Dad suddenly needed one and I proudly produced my knife. My dad screwed it into the cork and pulled. His hand moved but the cork didn't. The 'corkscrew' had just pulled itself straight. He ended up holding a knife featuring a sort of 4" wobbly spike, which of course never folded back. End of knife.


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It was black when he bought it. :whistle:
One big chunk of a book?
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