What I was doing last weekend


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Interesting. Did you see the new Raptobike Midracer in action?

Shame I wasn't there. Will be in the area this weekend but unfortunately I'll be a week late.....


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It was a bit of a trek to get there but it was a good weekend - especially as I wasn't organising any of it! :biggrin:

Once we got there it was very relaxing - except for racing in the Velodrome, which was a you-know-you're-alive mix of fear & excitement! Here's a clip of one of the races I was in:
I make brief appearance on the left at 3:06 being outclassed and overtaken by the faster riders who were averaging 30mph. The the near miss just after 4:00 and the fallen rider at 4:45 give a good idea of what it felt like in the race! I thoroughly recommend you give it a try.

The Raptobike Midracer looked good - will be interesting to see if it is as easy to ride as the low-racer.
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