What is a good carbon sportive


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Have alook at Planet X


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One that fits, feels comfortable and appeals to your aesthetic sense and budget

Essentially any road bike can be used. Usually have a taller top tube than a more race oriented bike so less drop from saddle to bars. Ultimately what is comfortable for long rides is down to you

Fwiw I could ride my carbon pave or steel equilbrium on a sportive or the single speed if flat!


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I love my Spesh Roubaix on which I did the LEJOG. Also my Ti bike which is good for touring as well, as I can fit a rack.


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Vicksters first line covers it perfectly...
Sportive, road, CX , whatever....any bike of a particular type, similar price, similar spec will be more or less the same as any other in the similar pricepoint. It all comes down to personal preferences.
when I brought my first brand new roadbike, I looked at Spesh..no, too bland, Orbea, no, too gaudy, Trek...no etc etc. I fell in love with a Bianchi. Nothing wrong with the others...

Same with a Sportive. I have the Ribble New Sportive Racing...love it. Looks good (IMO) super stiff frame, comfortable, fast....same as most other sportive bikes i should think. Downside is it only comes with IIRC a two year frame warranty...


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Trek Domane 2.3 - not a racer, but comfortable on a long run.


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On my second Roubaix since 2009 now, perfect for me as comfort more important, although have been tempted by Trek Domaine.

It's a very personal thing though, you're spoilt for choice. Good luck searching...


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Planet X and Ribble are quite similar and will offer better value for money than a Trek, Cannondale or Spesh. All are lovely bikes mind.

If money is a consideration (it is for me) Planet x and Ribble are good as are another i would suggest Dolan who i think are even better value.

i myself am looking at getting a Dolan L'Etape. This is a carbon framed bike with a more sportive geometry.

Dont know what groupset you would be after- i like Sram and they are doing the Sram Rival 22 for £999.99. The Planet X RT-58 carbon sportive frame with Sram Rival 22 is £1299.99.

Dolan Ultegra is £1299.99


also available in orange
This thread is all well and good but what can I use for the upcoming tour of cambridgeshire and it's gran fondo? I can't find a bike anywhere that says it's suitable for one? ;)

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