What is this fixie reminder moment that people speak of?


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I've read a few posts on here and other forums about a scary moment or reminder as I've heard it called about riding clipless on fixies. I'm assuming its just forgetting your fixed while riding but what actually happens? Heard some horror stories about people riding them and experiencing this reminder. About to swap my hub over for the first time on my flip flop and try fixed so preparing myself.

Hugh Manatee

Generally what happens is this. You are approaching a roundabout, one you have ridden countless times. Just as you have always done, you go to coast round with your inner most pedal up at the 12 o clock position to avoid grounding it.

Next thing you know is that the bike has ejected you over the bars onto the road. On the plus side, I have never ended up on my arse. Huge wobbles and a bit of wee coming out is the worst that has happened. This doesn't happen again as you remember!

The one worse thing would be riding fixed without clipless (flat) pedals in my opinion. You will sure to be in the market for pioneering shin transplants.


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Higher speed 'reminders' are usually not so bad as the momentum keeps you going (I only use SPD's in winter) and in clips your foot usually stays put.

The low speed ones are the buggers as there's not enough momentum to keep you going, which can result in coming to a sudden stop and bail.

Tbh though, for me, it doesn't happen very often and only resulted in an 'off' once.....very slow uphill on my mobile, so I kinda deserved it.


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It I forget to pedal- it still occurs infrequently- it feels alarming, but nothing has happened so far, I stop pedalling, the pedals keep going round and give the legs a little kick. I find it pretty difficult to stop the rear wheel from going round and locking it up, it takes some effort.


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When first riding fixed the time to be aware of it is when braking. You will be used to coasting when braking. After a short time of riding fixed you will pretty much automatically be using leg-braking so you unlearn this quickly.
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Railway crossings catch me out every time. Always go to freewheel and lift my arse from the saddle until the reminder kicks in.
Manatee's pretty much summed it up above. My experience which I only just got away with was easing off after 50 yards from the shop I bought it from. Was about to turn right into the Strand - so not only my first fixie ride for 40 years, but also my first ever ride in London. But also as Manatee says, never done it again. I was clipless from the start, but would hate to ride flat pedals with a fixie -once your feet are off, you'd never get 'em back without stopping.

Reminds me of a mate's story. He left his fixie unlocked outside his digs in uni, then went down in the morning to find it had gone. The thief didn't get far - found it 50 yards along the road in the hedge at the first corner with the handlebars out of alignment !


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Had a reminder this morning. After riding fixed exclusively for a year or so I recently picked up a road bike. Took it for a 15 mile spin last night and was thinking about the ride during my fixed gear commute. Somehow my brain thought I was on a road bike again and got a big jolt approaching a roundabout.. haha. Luckily wasn't ejected ;)


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I didn't even master cornering, and 7months later my arm's still not fully healed :blush:

The reminder is a littl ekick the bike seems to give you through the pedals if you forget to keep pedaling. I didn't get knocked off by one but I was driven up out of the seat a couple times. I miss riding fixed, especially leg braking in queues, but after grounding a pedal and snapping my humerus I'm not prepared to turn the wheel back round at the moment.
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