What lesson(s) did you learn too late in life ?


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You shouldn't try to please everyone before you've pleased yourself*

* (not an innuendo)


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1. Get a skilled trade

2.Even if you were the weedy asthmatic who everyone laughed at because you were shoot at sport - you can still take up exercise later in life

3.If you think something isn't right - speak out.
How long have you got??
With you on number 1. and did number 2 (so to speak).
3.Brought up by strict religious parents (mainly my dad) so missed out on much of the 60s Mersey beat movement. I wish I had got the courage to walk away as a young lad.**
**tbf thats where I met my lively wife of 53 years and as our grand kids says, if I had walked away as a lad then they wouldn't exist.......funny old life innit.
4. As a married couple my job offered us the chance to move to Australia or South Africa. I sometimes think 'what if'.
However, in general I have been happy with the path life has taken.


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1. You can generally do most things.

2. You are all right looking.

3. You get on with most people.


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That adults don't have all the answers and more often than not the people in charge are just making it up as they go along.
You cannot rely on authority to be helpful or to sort out issues.
To be able to recognise a bad situation and get out of it before you get in too deep (still learning this one.)
If something is free you're not the customer, you're the product.
Physical skills are permanently useful, being "good with computers" requires constant refreshers
Learning because you want to is far more valuable than learning because it is required or expected
It becomes much harder to acquire new skills after a certain age

etc etc
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That my mind is stuffed with apparently useless info (what was once called "general knowledge"), and most other peoples' minds seem to be stuffed with sport/tv/clickbait/celebrity shoot.
This tv carp is so ingrained that during my recent hospital stay, the first thing I tidied away was the TV remote. Every single member of staff, if they noticed it, would ceremonially retrieve it and place it close to hand, with my words "I never watch TV" not impinging on any discernible consciousness.
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