What Low Level Risks Should be Considered Whilst Cycling - Advice for Others Please!

Lots of discussion on the forum of risks of mechanical breakdown and spreading deadly viruses.

But what other infrequent risks should we consider whilst cycling? Please list your notable experiences and one piece of advice to others on how to avoid or mitigate please.

For me:

1: Assault by curlew
1: Saddle destroyed by unknown wildlife, likely bird
1: Propositioned for gay sex by Belgian (not necessarily a "risk" as such I realise)
1: Need to pretend to be asleep in tent to avoid crushingly dull German
1: Found to be without sufficient cash for pint at Tan Hill Inn
1: Lost lunch on steep and bumpy descent
1: Need to wade river to avoid road closure
1: Charged by angry cows
2: Fall due to riding through ford.
3: Fall due to ice
5: Insect sting (I think 4 wasp, one bee, but hard to be certain)
1,234: Puncture (approx)

Advice: Always carry enough cash for an emergency pint.

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What an adventurous life you've led!
Boringly (non-mechanical/wheels):
Running into suicidal wildlife sufficient to bring one down, or close.
Potholes/road detritus with like effect.
Front light failing going down hill (in rural dark obv) - after 'event' mitigation: one button spare front light, keep straight and brake.


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Random insects inhabiting country (and other) roads in summer - especially nice quiet roads where you can get some speed up

Why do they always head for your eyes???

- hint - wear glasses

Other thing

Brambles - especially those growing out from hedges on narrow paths

For some unknown reason arriving how with blood running down you arm and leg from multiple scratches does not mean you wife immediately regard you as a hero only equalled by Achilles in terms of bravery and stature
Who knew???


I had to duck to avoid a kamikaze pheasant flying low towards me along an avenue of trees> I guess mr pheasant was avoiding tree branches- but I still nearly soiled myself.

I also have had a squirrel bounce into my front spokes at 4pm (think clock face position not time of day) and pop out again as (s)he hit the fork at 12o'clock.

The learning from this experience is its far easy to sex a pheasant than a squirrel


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One autumn I followed a bus along a road under the overhang from some oak trees....bus tyres propell acorns at painful velocities.


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Squirrels 🐿 trying to take you out when cycling near trees. Always have nuts ready to throw to the side to divert the crafty buggers.
Ran over one the other week. Stupid bugger crossed in front of me then slammed on the anchors, turned 180 degrees and dived under my front wheel. A rather nasty bump-bump as first front then rear wheel went over it. I didn't stop to check if it was OK, as my squirrular veterinary skills are limited.

I fear its nutty kin may have spotted this so I don't ride along that road any more for fear of retribution.
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