What Low Level Risks Should be Considered Whilst Cycling - Advice for Others Please!


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Being Aldi, it's probably good value German cheese. So not a complete waste of money.


I carry a Park Tools Nuclear Bunker in my toolkit. It was a bit pricier than the one from Aldi, but that's probably made from cheese.
Reminds me. Cheese is a risk.

On tour once we sat down on a park bench and opened the cheese to go with our baguette. The Frenchman on the next bench got up and walked away, such was the biohazard.

Ripe Munster, nicely warmed in the midday sun at the top of a pannier. Yum.



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I've had a badger run out at me when doing about 35mph (downhill) with a trailer loaded with @40kg of camping gear shoving me along, I swear there was a crease in the Brooks when I did stop.:ohmy:
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