What "positives" do you get from cycling?


I was thinking about the enjoyment I get from cycling today, you know, the experiences I've had and the variety of different people from different backgrounds that I've met as a result of going on rides and running CC; the fitness and freedom of floating (I don't "fly") around quiet country lanes; the beating of the standing traffic on the commute, etc.

What positives do you fine ladies and gents get from cycling?

Pat "5mph"

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Just in time Admin! Did not know where to put this: high jack commuting? :ohmy:
Anyway: I'm off to a meal and a night out ... on my bike!
No waiting for public transport, no expensive taxi tonight! My journey will take me half of the time than going by bus. Great!
Ok, might get a bit wet, but it's a warm evening.
I will also work out the calories of my meal, before even eating it :thumbsup:


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Regular exercise has definitely made a huge difference to my mood and tendency towards depression.
I enjoy being out in the open air.
I'm fitter now than when I was a teenager.
I've met some very interesting people I would probably never have met otherwise.
I find rebuilding old bikes substantially cheaper than rebuilding old cars.
It's a great compliment to my interest in landscape photography. My camera lives in my Carradice.

Night Train

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Exercise: I like the wider range of activity it offers me
Fresh air: I hate being stuck in doors but dislike open top car driving.
Banter with the rest of the group: Much more fun chatting while on a cafe pootle.
Friendship: Made a lot of new friends with a wider range of interests.
Affordable fettling: No legislation, regulations or great cost when messing about with a bike compared to a car or truck.
A great view of Arch's behind: There's a reason I am happy for her to lead.


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travel with a small t - all those small villages and towns a lot of other people don't seem to notice
it saves money by the bucket load
you do get to meet a lot of different people - the stereotypical cyclist being older and at the other end of the class system
health +
mood +
time on your own - some places you can take the bike are very quiet for modern life.

I suppose philosophically and movements cycling is interesting as I would regard it as being a kind of 'open' transport movement and that fits in with other things I believe in.


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Gets me outside, I sit at a desk for at least 8 hours a day and sometimes all night as well. If i didn't commute on my bike I'd spend most of my waking hours cut off from the outdoors. I can also cycle home faster than I can drive it.

It's helped me lose weight and keep it off.

And best of all I get to legitimately grin like an idiot as I whizz down hills feeling like a kid again ^_^


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Warrington, UK
i now have a resting heart rate of 59bpm i think thats ace.
also i have legs like tree trunks and my wife keeps commenting on the muscle bulge :biggrin:
loosing some weight, got a way to go yet.
if it weren't for cycling i reckon i would prolly just quit work, i can't stand the place and it now seems to be enjoyable cycles split by pure boredom.

Paul J

I have never thought of myself suffering with depression, but I do find if I'm troubled or just feeling a little low, a good little belt out on the bike seems to lift the spirits. Gets those endorphins going that help to put life in perspective. Meeting like minded people is great too.
I can't agree more. Helps me focus my mind on what is important.


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Its made me much more healthy and helped to keep my weight in control combined with diet and running, much more energetic and able to enjoy things like i couldnt when id get exhausted from walking. :rolleyes:
It helps release tension and improve my mood, especially since quitting smoking its a good stress outlet at times.
Ive explored so much of the local area, "reviewed" pretty much every pub in a 15 mile radius and still working on that ;)
I get a ton of satisfaction from learning how to look after and fix my bikes too.
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