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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by AndyRM, 18 Feb 2016.

  1. Abandoned Engineering on Yesterday channel
    This episode featured the Bucyrus-Erie, between Allerton Bywater & Swillington (just north-west of Castleford), known as Odd Ball

    It's a big beastie, I've been there a few times myself. & after the draining of the open-cast, toured the site, on an open day
    Slightly worrying being so deep in the ground, having known what had happened there
  2. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    Brooklyn 99 (s6, All4)

    I'm not a huge fan of the Doug Judy episiodes, but have to say that this one wasn't bad.

    The Tick (s2, Prime)

    I liked the first season quite a lot, and The Tick and Arthur are back for another season. The second series expands some of the minor characters a little more, with Dot and Overkill getting some decent story lines, and the series as a whole feeling more assured in terms of tone.
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  3. MontyVeda

    MontyVeda a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll

    Broadchurch made the mistake of Broadchurch 2 and Broadchurch 3 though... hopefully The Bay ends here.

    One thing that made me laugh about The Bay was the teams of divers searching the sea... all they had to do was wait for the tide to go out and everything on the sea bed is there for all to see. :laugh:
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  4. Adam4868

    Adam4868 Veteran

    Watched the last three episodes of Back to Life on the iPlayer yesterday (6 episodes) I really enjoyed it in a sort of black humour way.Anybody who enjoyed say Fleabag I'm sure would enjoy this.
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  5. SpokeyDokey

    SpokeyDokey 20% through Decade 7. Yikes! Moderator

    Just gotten up to date with The Widow (two ep's to go) and it's not bad at all (apart from the commercial breaks) - a tad unbelievable in parts but a decent watch nonetheless. 7/10 thus far.

    Have started watching Trust Me S2 - which although it bears no relationship to Trust Me S1 seems like just as decent a watch. 8/10 thus far.
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  6. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Preacher S2 (Prime): possibly even better than S1. It's right up there as one of the best shows I've seen, full stop.
  7. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Doing the same, just finished e2
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  8. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Completely mad isn't it..
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  9. Leaway2

    Leaway2 Guru

    Manchester (Sale)
    Yesterday was such a rainy day I sat and binge watched series 2 (edit: it was 3) of line of duty. Absolutely brilliant.
    it had to resort to the ridiculous cliched chase scene at the end. A policewoman on foot keeping pace with a Range rover, which take some convoluted route which keeps bring her back in range. She then sprints 1/2 mile, after previously running, to arrive to see the suspect only then climb out of the vehicle. This scene was totally unnecessary and the series should have ended in the interview room.
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  10. NorthernDave

    NorthernDave Never used Über Member

    Oh yes, bonkers but in the best possible way.
  11. SpokeyDokey

    SpokeyDokey 20% through Decade 7. Yikes! Moderator

    Anyone had a stab at The looming Tower yet - just wondering if anyone has and what they think of it.
  12. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Bosch Season 5...just watched the opening 5 mins.. Oh yeah.. Great series
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  13. gavroche

    gavroche Getting old but not past it

    North Wales
    Undiscovered worlds on BBC2.
  14. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    Watched it on Prime - very good, I thought.
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  15. John the Monkey

    John the Monkey Frivolous Cyclist

    Thanks for the tip- watched it myself today - very good.
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