What was the last cd you bought?

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West Oxon
Quantic Soul Orchestra: Pushin On



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Colne, Lancs
I collect records - I just bought 6 lou reed albums for 6 quid, which is a bargain I'm proud of. CD wise, I recently bought mark Ronson: Version (which is a bit hit and miss), John Coltrane: Giant Steps (as the record changes hand at too high a price, whereas the cd was a fiver) and before that I think it was Blood Brothers: Young Machetes (loud and fun)

Steve Austin

The Marmalade Kid
Queens of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

not a patch on Songs for the deaf, seriously missing Oliveri and lacks bite. Ned to get out and get the new one by Orange Goblin next
my chemical romance - the black parade


I can;t remember to be honest. I don't get the chance to listen as much I used to, plus I'm not that heavily impressed with what's on the market. The problem at my age is I look through my back catalogue and think 'I don't remember buying that, that, that, and that................ '
I don't buy much at the mo. Tend to get stuck with the radio. Last I bought was Rammstein - Volkerball with the DVD. I've pre-ordered Graduation by Kanye West so that'll most likely be my next one although it's not out until August. Tempted by Chemical Brothers and White stripes too but I've got to penny pinch.


I have to confess to a bit of an addiction...

I don't buy them one at a time; the last three were
Liszt: Faust Symphony (an exciting performance and the usual fine Chandos sound quality)
Elgar: Symphony no.2 and overture In the South (haven't been in the mood to play this yet, but Hickox's conducting + Chandos sound rarely disappoints)
Bellowhead: Burlesque (not sure I need a whole CD of this - it makes an interesting change from the Spiers/Boden duo, but I find it better in smaller doses).

Currently on order from the US, because the price here is (as so often) extortionate, is Wendy Carlos' The Well-Tempered Synthesizer, just because I've never heard it and am curious.


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The Killers 'Sam's Town', going to get the latest Genesis best of/live(ish) album that is out at the moment for the Missus, as it's her Birthday soon.
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