What was the last cd you bought?


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[quote name='"SamNichols"]I collect records - I just bought 6 lou reed albums for 6 quid' date=' which is a bargain I'm proud of. [quote']

Nice work!
Last albums I bought were Love - Forever Changes on 180gm vinyl and Mazzy Star - Among My Swans

Last cd was The Polyphonic Spree - Fragile Army

Prefer to get anything on vinyl over cd/download if I can get it. Just sounds "right".


Air - Pocket Symphony
Andy Fairweather-Low - Sweet Soulful Music

I have just downloaded a couple of songs by The Hazzards from iTunes, my first venture into this new fangled way of getting hold of music. Not sure it is any way as satisfying as getting a real product in your hand.


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Ziltoid the Omniscient.....Devin Townsend
Progressive metal, totally different with a bit of humour...cant stop playing it.


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Yesterday my long-awaited purchase arrived from the USA: Bhundu Boys, The Shed Sessions. Outstanding! I can se why they were one of John Peel's favourites. And a double CD as well...
just ordered

new buffalo tom, son volt, dino jr. a tanya donelly album that i missed and a damien jurado cd that i didn't know existed.

jonathan ellis

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pzycoman said:
Last CD I bought was Gouryella - Walhalla single, its from 1999, but since iv been listening to it online (free, download from thier website) for the last few years i thought id buy it off fleabay...

listening to obscure music means most of my mp3s are legally free off the net :?:
Pzycoman whats your Avatar? It's familiar


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Haven't bought a CD for ages, it's all downloaded onto my iPod now.

My latest album is 'Super Taranta' by Gogol Bordello. Saw them at Glastonbury and they were amazing. If this new album is anywhere near as good as Gypsy Punks, then I'll be very happy. :?:
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