What was YOUR 15 seconds of fame?


I was once on You'e Been Framed. I ran into a camera while on the Moors with Mum and Dad. Got up, and called my dad a "plonker". :laugh:

I've never been able to find it though. :sad:


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I was sitting in a VIP (courtesy of a friend) balcony seat of The Shepherds Bush Empire, just before Difford and Tillbrook were about to come on stage. A very tall bloke bounded down the aisle and addressed me solemnly and reverentially, and held out his hand....

"You're a f#cking legend..."

I shook it as he gazed into my eyes. He paused and left.

To this day, I'm not sure who I was supposed to be. Anyway, I'm not.

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I had 4.5 seconds of fame on one of those reality tv programmes. I was cycling round my local park when i noticed an infamous "fat family" from Accrington being filmed and interviewed. Mrs Accy was watching the crap when she announced "hey! you're on the telly". I was there back to the camera cycling up the hill. The only reason she knew it was me was because i had my fluoro orange jacket on at the time.

Freds Dad

I was in the Lowry hotel in Manchester a few years ago and a very good looking woman asked if she could sit in the seat opposite as all other seats were taken.
It was only when she had been sat opposite me for a few minutes did I realise it was Kylie Minogue who was doing a series of shows at the MEN Arena.

We had a short chat about the weather etc before one of her staff came to collect her. She was really friendly and I got the feeling that she would have talked all day if of course she had the time.

Friend of international stars.

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I was one of many in the opening title sequence for TV AM's original breakfast telly show. It was shot on the Downs in Bristol, 1983 at a guess, Angela Rippon and David Frost were in attendance, hundreds of us were arranged to form the letters 'Good Morning Britain' shot from a helicopter. I was in the M.


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I had a few when my ex - wife worked for sky. The two I remember most were;

1. We attended the premier of mission Impossible with Bob Friend (Sky News Anchorman) who had a bit part in the film. He grew impatient at the traffic near Leicester Square and jumped out of the taxi to walk the last bit. As we arrived, Bob almost knocked over this short guy in his haste to find the Sky cameras. I was just behind him and found myself faced with Tom Cruise. I shook his hand and introduced him to my wife. She thought it was odd that I knew anyone there.

2. We attended a lunch at the Four Seasons in Park Lane in honour of Frank Bruno at the end of his Victory Bruno parade following his world heavyweight title win in 1985. We sat next to Harry Carpenter and his wife and when Frank came over to say hello to Harry he kept greeting me in French saying bonjour, bonjour repeatedly. Turned out he thought I was Harry's son who lived and worked in France (for Hennesy IIRC). Anyway, the following day I was on page 4 of the Sun in the the picture of Frank and Harry shaking hands. My wife wasn't so happy as they only caught her shoulder in the picture. Oh and I was at the fight too a week or 2 earlier :smile:

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Somewhat incredibly my brother in law has twice crashed his car into Princess Anne's. He reckons one was his fault the other was hers. As she got out of her car the second time she said 'We've met before haven't we ?'. Apparently she was very reasonable on both occasions and all financial/insurance arrangements settled amicably.


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Many years ago I was going out with a girl when I lived in Kendal. It was her birthday and she organised a coach trip to "Mr Smiths" nightclub in Warrington on a Saturday night. I went with a mate so she could hang out with her mates.
When we got there we found that "The Hit Man and Her" was being filmed that night. Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan hosted a TV show from nightclubs. Part way through the evening I was dancing with my mate and Pete Waterman came up to me and told me he wanted me to be in the dancing competition. Long and short, I end up on stage with 3 other people, on TV, interviewed by Michaela, then we each had to bust our moves. Notionally, the crowd reaction determined who won some prize or other. I didn't win.
I used to have it on VHS (that's how long ago it was) but it's been lost. Can't find it on youtube either, otherwise I'd post it up here for a laugh......maroon wool jacket, hound tooth check trousers, burgundy silk tie....yeah baby!

Alex H

In the 1980's the BBC ran a series called 'Summer Sunday' - about people who had to work on Sundays. The day they decided to pick for their program on the RAF's Quick Reaction Alert force, I was the NCO in charge of the groundcrew. I did get to meet Raymond Baxter and could be seen in the final program for about 15 seconds ensuring the missile pins were out and marshalling the Phantoms out of their shelter.
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