What will you miss about Covid?


If 6 Was 9
Absolutely nothing.
The sooner all this crap is over, the better. :okay:


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
I've enjoyed having more time at home with family.

Nothing else

My work's classed me as 'vulnerable' so I'm working from home, no club rides or racing, I've worked almost non-stop since March re-designing everything online for my teaching, SWMBO's in a Covid ward with live Covid patients and is on only the second short period of leave since March and has been working evenings/weekends doing research to find more effective ways of treating Covid patients so they don't die and co-ordination amongst international professionals, 2nd son missed his GCSE exams and couldn't train or race, 1st son had his second year at university cut short and is stuck in his student house, M-i-L is in a specialist care home and currently can't be visited, can't travel to visit F-i-L or parents, couldn't have a decent holiday. Will that do for the negatives?

And a Daily Mail journalist has the audacity to think she's been sat doing nothing, and then describes her as a 'dinner lady': https://www.bda.uk.com/resource/bda-hits-back-as-daily-mail-brands-dietitians-non-essential.html I hope she gets him as her patient, with tubes in each orifice, and then he'll see what they do :cursing:
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Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
Appreciating that others have problems, serious or less so, and not belittling that, the roads are much quiter during lockdowns, making my driving job much easier.


✊🏻✊🏾 🌈 😷
Being able to wear a mask.
People keeping their distance.
Nobody rushing me in the shops.
Lovely quiet roads.

Admittedly the last three of those only seemed to apply Apr-Jun but it was great while it lasted. Socially distanced community spirit in the sun. But the uniform - mask, shades, hoodie, is great. I get to hide myself away and nobody thinks I'm being weird or a bank robber.

But yeah, generally people leaving me alone and staying out of my farking way.
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