What would give me 60g of carbs

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I have entered a sportive which is about 90 miles and 6500 feet climbing. 60g per hour of carbs should see me good for the event but what constitutes 60g that I can tuck in my jersey. Many thanks


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Where did you get these figures from? By most reckoning 60 grams of carbs is the amount you would find in a bowl of porridge, if this ride takes 5 or 6 hours do you really want 6 bowls of porridge under your belt?

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Pack and a half of these?


Note: I don't do sportives but as a Type 1 diabetic I do know about carbs. Although it does say "Sports Enthusiasts – recommended to take 2 tablets 10-15mins prior to participating in high endurance activity lasting for 30mins or longer, continue as required every 30mins." You can also get them in Raspberry which are nicer IMO.


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As its a sportive I assume there will be feed stations? I would take a cpl of cereal bars in my back pocket and maybe a banana. Grab anything else from the stops!


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What is a good carb intake for a long ride? I'm doing 120miles in May and have no idea about nutrition! I eat well but could do with some tips on (portable) snacks/supplements to keep me going. Those gluco tablets look good - at 90g of carb per 100g would a couple of those every hour be a good idea? Is that fact that 85g of that 90g of carb breaks down into sugar a bad thing?!
I can do 40 miles without any thing, providing I have fuelled the day before, yesterday I didn't do that but managed 40miles on a Mcvities flapjack (chocolate one) but in all honesty probably didn't need it. After that a couple of fig biscuits, jelly babies, cake, malt loaf, bananas all do the trick.
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