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As title?

I found this on Sheldon Brown:

A lug is a socket that forms the junction between two or more frame tubes. Traditional bicycle construction uses steel tubes and lugs, joined together by brazing or silver soldering so that the space between the tube and the lug fills up with molten brass or silver alloy. Some aluminum or carbon fiber bicycles also use lugs, with glue instead of the brass or silver

So, its just a join then? why are they talked about in such revered terms? anyone care to enlighten this ignoramus :thumbsdown: ?


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i suppose it's because lugs look neater.

my old steel bike has lugs, but both alu bikes just have welded joints.


them engineers eh?

stacks of ways of joining things and there is a need to differentiate one from the other
Panter said:
Thanks guys :ohmy:

I understand now, very nice indeed :tongue:

I used to own a Yamaha YZF1000 R1 motorbike that had beautifully welded joints on the frame, but they weren't as ornate as those in the link :thumbsdown:

nor are the welded joints on most aluminium frames. The R1 was good but it was still just a weld holding two sections together. Lugs became almost an art form in their own right.

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Lugs are nothing more than a plumbing joint. Frame building pseuds made them into fancy shapes to try and convince cyclists that the everyday kit they churned out was some special work of art.

The still keep men with beards in masturbation fantasies even today. The rest of us can thank God that we are rid of the ugly lumps of usless weight on our frames.

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Smokin Joe said:
The Mona Lisa is a work of art. A lug is a device for holding two tubes together, no matter what shape you make it.

Bloody Luggite...


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I must be a lucky bunny indeed :thumbsup:

Whilst I fully appreciate the beautifully, but robotically welded joins on a modern sportsbike, or the flawless finish on fab foodies TCR, I also really like the detailing on the "old fashioned" lugs (lovely pics BTW) :thumbsup:

All points to the same thing I suppose, 2 wheels is GOOD :ohmy:
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