What's been your best ever practical joke?


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One of the favorite pastimes of my male friends and I is scaring the crap out of each other.

A few years back during a holiday to Centre Parcs, I crept up on my mate eating a TV dinner in the villa when he thought no-one else was there, I suddenly grasped his shoulders and shouted out, he threw his dinner into the air, screamed, took a deep breath and screamed again. I nearly shat myself laughing. (he got me back though!).

What's the best ever prank you've played or had played on you?

(I know, I am a big kid, but I don't care :o).


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When I was about 17/18 I went to the local paper shop and bought a selection of adult mags. I then went home loaded up the computer and started writing a cover letter that pretty much said "Thanks for signing up to our mags a direct debit will be taken from you account each month and you will receive you 5 selected magazines". On the letter I wrote my friends first and last name on the envelope just his last name. I then place the letter and the 5 mags into the envelope and posted them off.

Now being that we were still young and living with parents his package was duly posted through his letter box and as it was addressed to Mr Last name his Dad opened it, needless to say it was then shown to his Mum and she I wouldn't say was a prude but she wasn't far off. We of course denied all knowledge of this when confronted by his parents but couldn't keep a straight face.
When I went to a party at the house of a friend of a friend at about age 18 I put some cling-film across the bowl of one of the toilets.


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Rang a pal and by putting on a passable Glasgow accent managed to persuade him I was a gangster who had clearly mistaken him for somebody else and would soon be around to collect my money for "the photographs". Five minutes later there was a screech of tyres outside the house and there he was, looking a bit shaken and demanding to know if it had been me on the phone!


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As a schoolboy I rubbed a spirit duplicator master (aka banda master) along the banisters of the staircases in a three storey teaching block of my school. Six hundred pupils acquired purple palms and fingers and the caretaker's first attempt to wash the dye off the bannister stained the stairs too.

It beats me how I avoided suspension and/or the cane and only had tyo do a couple of hours of detentions.


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Mine would have to be uni days.


Recreating sleeping buddy's 3rd floor room in ground floor equivalent. Simple case of noticing he was asleep, popping upstairs to grab 2 posters and his duvet, installing them around him, then buggering off for an hour. All came good when three of us burst in, grabbed him, and threw him out the window into the night. For the 1/4 second he was falling, he definitely thought he was gonna die... ;)


Same buddy and I, a little worse for wear, thinking it would be funny to block a mate's room with a wheelie bin. Back from pub, spotted big bin, manhandled it through the doors, got it to his corridor, tried to lean it (quietly) against his door. Result was we lost grip of it, the bottom slid out, and the top 'knocked' twice, heavily, on his door. We pegged it, only vaguely wondering why it had taken so long to do the second knock...

Approaching his door, mate knew it was a wind up 'cos he couldn't turn the handle. He thought we'd wedged it with something. Was actually weight of bin pushing against it. He eventually forced the handle far enough for the catch to release, letting the bin push the door back and emptying its contents into his room.*

*disclaimer: Only after the flood water spewed back through the doorway did we realise that potentially, a large bin without a lid in a rain storm might be holding some water.


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A friend of mine changed the start-up sound on my laptop to some... erm... lets just say adult material. When i turned it on in the quite section of the Uni library, fair to say i was embarrassed!


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A friend had just moved into an apartment above us in Bangkok. Three satellite dishes opposite us had a plastic water bottle covering their central horn and. as I had an empty bottle, I put one on mine. He came down to see me and asked what the water bottles on the dishes were for. "It fools the satellite into thinking that you have the platinum package and not the basic one but it only works with certain bottles." The TV company at the time was running a 'try before you buy' promotion and we could view all the channels. I can't remember how many different bottles he used before he gave up.


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Repairing the switch on a colleagues hoover...
He'd left it with us and we'd duly done the work. It was on the bench when he came to see how we were getting on. One of those moments when two people 'click' without a plan....
Without planning when he asked if it was ok...i said' FFS dont touch it, its live, summats wrong'
What ? what ? he said...
My mate immediately carried it on and said...you turn it on at your own risk :wacko: i'm not touching it !!

We had him stood there with a broom handle, gingerly touching and prodding the switch trying to turn it on :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

We lasted a 20 seconds and both guffawed together.....

'Bstards' ;):biggrin::biggrin:


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I used to visit a lot of local companies for spares etc, as did some engineers on other occasions.
They had HGV licences and used to use one of the shunters to shoot out.
One day, i'm walking back to site, i'd walked 1/2 mile to a supplier (it was a nice day :biggrin:)
As i walked past an industrial estate entrance nearby, i saw one of our lorries pull up to another outfit we used. The 2 engineers jumped out and walked inside. I mosied up, hopped in the cab....yes!!! they've left the keys in it....which i duly removed and retired to a safe distance and waited.

10 minutes later they walked out, hopped into the cab....there was a minute of shuffling around, one of them jumped out and started checking his pockets...a bit of chitchat between them...then they went back into the suppliers premises. They came back out, hopped in the cab and went through the same again. They hopped out and looked under the lorry, emptied their pockets again....and on and on.

I waited until they went back inside, slid up and put the keys back in the ignition :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: and slid off.......;):evil::wacko:

Bugger, they were totally dumbstruck when they got back to site.

The icing on the cake was i managed to get back to site before them...and tell EVERYONE....


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In our electronics workshop, there was a guy who did disco's, had his own decks etc (was early 80's, ok).

One of the lasses in the Transport Office wanted to do some moonlighting, so he set the decks up at the end of the workshop for her to try, check she could work them.

As she approached then, she didn't notice the rest of us backing away down the other end of the workshop.

She switched the power on, there was a huge bang, and the end of the workshop disappeared in a white cloud of smoke.

Its amazing what effect a theatrical thunderflash creates!

Must admit, I thought he'd blown her up!

She appeared out of the cloud of smoke, slightly dazed, windows opened to clear the smoke, then a director appears "just an electrolytic capacitor failing boss, honest".



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darkstar said:
A friend of mine changed the start-up sound on my laptop to some... erm... lets just say adult material. When i turned it on in the quite section of the Uni library, fair to say i was embarrassed!


Here's a fun little prank I came up with to play on the unsuspecting windows XP user who's left their PC unattended.

1) Press CTRL + SHIFT + PrtScn (little button beside F12).

2) Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint.

3) In paint, press CTRL + V.

4) Then go File -> Set as backgroun (tiled).

5) Close Paint (click "no" to "save this file?").

6) Minimise all open windows.

7) Right click on the taskbar (blue, bottom of screen), then click properties -> Auto-hide the taskbar -> OK.

Sit back and watch ... :biggrin:


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We were using a magdrill (electric drill for steel with an electromagnet to fix it securely to the girders etc) we'd hired from a local company.
The guy using it was struggling to get the bit securely in the chuck, cursing and swearing all the time....'i dont understand it, ive used these no end and never had this problem....
So he phoned them to check he wasnt doing something wrong...convo ensued and he started trying again.
Then he started getting mad...fkin thing....i'm going to give them rock all...another phone conversation...something about a spring in the chuck.

He looked...'theres no spring...yes im sure...i'm telling you there's no spring :angry:'

:biggrin::evil: so i wandered across to the workshop and grabbed a spring...any spring...and when he wasnt watching put it in the magdrill case he'd just been looking in.

He got madder with the drill....then i opened the case and said 'are you sure it's not in here ?'
'Course i frikkin well am :angry:#
'So whats this then :wacko:'

:ohmy::ohmy::ohmy: Their faces were a picture...'i just looked in there :wacko:'...'so did i' said the other guy :ohmy:

The guy who'd got mad and was threatening to give them rock all said 'well i'm not telling them :sad: (The hire company he'd just mouthed off at)

It turned out to be faulty anyway...but not before i'd had some fun first :evil:
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