What's funnier than a chav falling off his bike?


Seeing him do it twice in quick succession:laugh:
Classic chav group behaviour, two walking, one on a bike doing unimpressive wheelies, he mis-judged his distance from the kerb and went down it with a bump. Attempted to regain his composure, pulled another wheelie and came right off over the back wheel!
Even my dog laughed.


Dog on a bike
Oh dear. Someone will be along in a minute to castigate you for finding someone else's misfortune funny.



Shame on you Sandra for first laughing at sometime's bad luck and then...being presumptious and calling them chav on a cycling forum.:evil:


Here for rides.
funny is

tragic hipster cockwomble jumping a red light and getting offed by a pedestrian

posh bloke in suit taking a tumble on his brompton for no discernible reason whatsoever and leaping up, dusting himself whilst looking around to see if anyone had seen him Of course we had! Fair play, he got a round of applause and did a little bow.
There is this strange obsession of the younger bikers where they have to yank their front wheel of the ground and go as far as possible on the back one only....
It's de Rigeour. I did it when I was young and I'm proud to say my son's are carrying on the tradition. Shame I can't do it well anymore.


Resting in suspended Animation
Oh dear. Someone will be along in a minute to castigate you for finding someone else's misfortune funny.

I don't mind someone having schadenfreude so much, what people object to is the 'chav' thing or even going out of your way to be nasty about it e.g. the 'sport' of 'chav baiting'. If people want a bit of fun that's fair enough, but you have to read the context and degree and that's where we go in circles with this sort of argument. There are many ways of describing it without using that word (twice or saying that a group that doesn't really exist in the sense that Sandra6 meant it has a group behaviour). The ironic thing here is that if you follow this sort of stereotyping to its illogical conclusion that 'Sandra6' and yourself might well be labelled as a 'chav' by someone else as for that matter would some others of us who are pointing the finger and laughing along.
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